WILF books is a subscription service for children aged 2 to 9 years. You can select a rolling monthly (£19.95), 3 month (£55) or 6 month (£99.95) subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time, even if you have paid for 6 months, they will refund any difference back to you.

D and I have always read to Lucas, it is something we want to instill into him. A natural love of book and reading rather than feeling forced to read and seeing it as a chore. When WILF offered to send Lucas some books I said yes, I was excited to see which he would receive.


WILF book subscription review and giveaway


WILF ask you to fill in a survey where you pop in the child’s age and details of what type of books they would like. The website states that you are sent at least 3 books, stickers and/or activities to celebrate sharing, a WILF Books sharing chart, a personalised message from WILF and an envelope for you to share back your own books (optional) to share with others.


WILF book subscription review and giveaway

WILF book subscription review and giveaway


I requested a mixture of books, chose animals as Lucas’ interest and put that he is 2. Lucas was sent 4 books and a personalised message. I loved the hand written personalised postcard that even had a drawing of a lion on it, very sweet! Our books included Elmer’s Friend, Flapjack and Waddle and the Polar Bear, Peppa Pig’s Family Computer and Funny Faces in the Jungle. I love the mixture of the picture, pop ups and reading books. Lucas has enjoyed looking through the books and listening to me read them, although he did break the elephants nose the first time he was given the book and he wasn’t being rough. They are second hand but they are in great condition (until Lucas has them) and I like that books are being used and reused. I think for future subscriptions I would just have to request not to receive pop up books which you can easily do by emailing.


WILF book subscription review and giveaway


I think it is a lovely service and would be exciting for children to wait for their own parcel every month, I would buy a 1 month subscription as a gift, however I personally wouldn’t pay nearly £20 every month for 4 books but that could be because I have easy access to a library.


Wilf book subscription review and giveaway


If you would like to try the service yourself by wining a 1 month subscription enter below x

Wilf books


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  1. I’d love to get books through the post every month – especially as a surprise! I wonder what happens if they send you a duplicate you already have? You’re right though £20 a month on books is quite a lot! Maybe if there was an option of just one book & activity per month, it may be more affordable to more people. #KLTR x

  2. I would love to win the books for my son, we adore reading together and we just can’t get enough books, thanks for the opportunity, fingers crossed.

  3. I’d love to win this for my nephew, he really loves his books and reading! thanks so much for the chance 😀

  4. My little girl is 19 months old, she’s really into her board/flaps/picture books now. I didn’t know this existed, it would be perfect for her.

  5. I would love to win this book subscription for my baby daughter Grace, it’s never to early to start reading with them.Thanks for running this giveaway 🙂

  6. My 6 year old daughter Summer, she is always reading which I think is fantastic, a lot of kids now are glued to tablets etc (my son’s one of them) the fact that she’s glued to books is amazing, I love it

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  8. Our little boy is almost 2 and absolutely loves books. This would be perfect for him! Thank you for the opportunity.

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