A while ago my friends daughter asked if she could review some items on my blog, she has previously featured here reviewing Smiggle way back in 2017, Glam Goo in 2018 and in Blackpool with us last year. Last week the very kind people over at Mysteries in Time sent her one of their subscription boxes.


The mysteries in time box and contents in it, the map of the world is hung up behind it


Mysteries in Time are a monthly history subscription box for children aged 7-11. They’re educational, fun and crafty. They are also a lifesaver at the moment when we’re doing all we can to keep children busy and happy through lockdown and being suddenly homeschooled!


The ancient Egypt history and facts leaflet


There are two subscriptions you can choose from, the classic which starts at £6.45 and the bumper which starts at £11.45. You can choose a one off box or subscribe monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annually. The longer you subscribe for, the cheaper the boxes work out. Each month, subscribers receive a time machine postal package packed with high-quality, fun, educational activities for children, all linked to a different period in history.


Welcome to ancient Egypt leaflet


The classic box consists of

  • Story packed with mystery & adventure
  • Easy-to-follow history booklet
  • Word puzzles & other fun activities
  • Themed bookmark
  • Colourful sticker sheet
  • Three colouring-in pages
  • Timeline sticker
  • Free in first box – world map & timeline
  • Sent in a personalised time machine envelope


Hyropgraphics text and a gold mummy pen


The bumper box includes all of the classic contents plus craft inspired by history and a history related gift.


The Egyptian adventure book and bookmark


Anything that combines learning and play can only be a good thing. I know at the moment, Lucas is so fed up of me attempting to teach him that crafts and fun ways are the only way for us to learn anything. What I love about these boxes too is that they deliver worldwide so in a couple of years, I can start ordering them for Lucas too.

The first month that you receive is Ancient Egypt. Chanel will learn about the history of the Ancient Egyptians, mummification, pharaohs, hieroglyphs, Ancient Egyptian gods & more.

She can place the Ancient Egypt sticker on the timeline and find modern-day Egypt on the world map. Find a cosy place to read the illustrated time-travelling Ancient Egypt story with the matching bookmark, then learn some Ancient Egypt facts in the history magazine.

Learn about why amulets were important to the Ancient Egyptians, then design, sculpt and paint her own amulet from the clay provided. She can colour in the three Egypt-themed designs, then treasure her very own Ancient Egypt themed stickers and special gift.

There are also links on the Mysteries in Time website where you can learn about the subject of the month. I think these are such a good way to inject some fun into learning at home, it’s great to include the whole family, discussing what is in the box and getting creative together.



If you would like to the chance to win a subscription for your child, Mysteries in Time are offering a three-month bumper box subscription for one lucky winner! Enter below, good luck

Win a 3 month mysteries in time subscription

Mysteries in Time subscription box review. A history subscription box for 7-11 year olds. Worldwide delivery


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  1. I think it is really important children learn about events in history and this looks a fun way to do it

  2. what a great way to make history fun, my teacher made it so boring I completely lost interest

  3. Such a Fantastic way to learn about history! I could have done with this when I was younger as I hated it when I was a child, but I love it now!

  4. Such a cool idea! My boys write their own Escape Toom games so I’m sure they’ll get lots of new puzzle ideas from this type of activity.

  5. I’d love this for my daughter. Learning about history was always my favourite thing at school and have amazing memories of creating history projects and learning new things xx

  6. It sounds amazing, would love to win for my daughter this would be perfect for her. Fingers crossed.

  7. My daughter would love learning about these different times in history and it seems like a fun way to learn a lot of facts. Also it would make a great addition to my daughters home learning.

  8. This would be brilliant, so important for children to learn about different countries and cultures

  9. This is great, teaches you so much, and its fun to learn and they do say that is the best way to learn!

  10. I’d love to help my kids know more about the history of humanity – I did a degree in history, and I love sharing my passion with them xx

  11. When I was younger, History was one of my favourite subjects. This looks like a really fun way to get the little ones interested x

  12. I love the look of these boxes, what a great way to get children into different periods of history

  13. Wonderful prize! A gift of information, knowledge and may lead to future plans e.g. Holidaying to visit the pyramids in Egypt, etc. Happy experiences, building memories, etc.

  14. This is such a great idea. My Goddaughter loves history and would like to be an Archeologist when she grows up. I love things like this that will encourage her in her journey.

  15. These boxes look like a really good way of making history fun for kids – I think they would be great for home school activities with my daughter xx

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