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importance of outdoor play #tearsintosmiles Southport


Playing outdoors can have huge benefits for little ones. It can be very easy for children to get sucked into technology and sit staring at a screen for hours on end. Lucas can work his way round our phones, the TV and our iPads and he is only 2. Technology can be an amazing resource and help with learning, play and development as well as just keeping children occupied whilst we tidy, cook or check our emails. However, I want there to be a balance. I want him to play, use his imagination and get some fresh air.


importance of outdoor play #tearsintosmiles


I am going to make sure that whatever the weather, we get outside at least once a day. As long as we are dressed appropriately I don’t think it matters if it is raining, sunny or snowing. There is something very refreshing about putting on waterproofs and wellies and going for a walk in the rain, taking a flask and some treats.


importance of outdoor play #tearsintosmiles


“Play involves children developing skills in using their bodies, promoting strength, co-ordination and agility,” explains a spokesperson for the Pre-School Learning Alliance. “Through play children form relationships, learn how to make friends, be sociable, share and take turn. In this way they develop an understanding of others and learn to feel empathy, responding appropriately to the needs and feelings of others.


importance of outdoor play #tearsintosmiles


“Play involves communication: they learn how  to talk, express themselves and listen to others. They are discovering how things work, finding out about different objects or living things, naming and categorising them, as they build knowledge about the material and natural world.


importance of outdoor play #tearsintosmiles


“Most of all, they are using imagination to create possibilities and alternatives, to express their own individuality and represent their thoughts, ideas and knowledge through making up stories, songs or dances,” they conclude.


importance of outdoor play #tearsintosmiles


As much fun as playing can be, we know they are going to tumble, get cuts and scrapes or bruises. When this happens, I encourage Lucas to rub himself down then he comes over for a cuddle and kiss better. Elastoplast have a fab range of plasters with fun characters on when a cut needs covering.  I find an ice cream always helps too!x


importance of outdoor play #tearsintosmiles


The importance of outdoor play



18 Comments on The importance of outdoor play and turning #TearsintoSmiles

  1. I totally agree with this post, outdoor fun is the best fun, whether it is just playing in the garden, going to the park or a family walk in the woods. Which in turn is great fun, great memories and quality family time not to mention it tires them out haha x

  2. We also love having fun outdoors – my daughter would spend all day outside if she could! We are also big fans of Elastoplast character plasters, as my daughter loves the Frozen characters (despite never having seen the film!)

  3. My two love being outdoors and spend most of their time outdoors. We’ve just run out of plasters actually, so I’ll have to make sure I grab some on my next trip to the supermarket!

  4. I love to get out and about, regardless of the weather. Always been an important part of our way of life. My little boy calls it a mini adventure, even if it is just a walk in the woods. Help me too, I hate being inside all day everyday. Sometimes you just need to blow the cobwebs away.

  5. We have so many accidents! And seeing as I’ve just stubbed my toe and broken my toenail really painfully, I guess I know where they get it from!

  6. Couldn’t agree more that play should happen whatever the weather!! Just a shame we didn’t see any snow this year! #RV&HT

  7. Children mustn’t be afraid to explore the world, popping back from #RV&HT

  8. I completely agree! I’m not very outdoorsy but Greg has such a wonderful time outdoors I have to just brave it – all weathers! Also, ice cream basically fixes everything.


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