Easter Extravaganza, Walmer Bridge Review

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Easter Extravaganza, Walmer Bridge Review

I have taken far too long to write this! On Easter Monday we went to The Candy Man Presents: Easter Extravaganza! in Walmer Bridge, near Preston. It was a 2 hour interactive show based in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.     It started up with us watching a short play where it was explained that, Charlie […] Read more…


Toddlebike2 review

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Todllebike2 review

D has been talking about getting Lucas a balance bike for Summer. So when, Toddlebike offered to send* Lucas a bike, I thought it was perfect timing. Toddlebike2 is a unique “Pre-Balance” bike, £23.95, suitable for toddlers as soon as they can confidently walk (usually around 18 months). They are widely accepted by cyclists and the […] Read more…


Good Bubble review

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Good bubble giveaway

When the people over at Good Bubble heard I was going to try getting Lucas into a bath, book, bed routine they offered to send us some lovely products to get us off to a good start. Not only that but they would like to give my readers the chance to win a bubble bath, shampoo and […] Read more…


Happy 2nd birthday Lucas!

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2nd birthday bowling green charnock richard

Happy birthday beautiful boy, I’m a tad emotional and extremely proud of the boy you are becoming. I’m not going to go on as you have trapped me in bed, you are asleep with your arm down my top and each time I move you off me you wake up so I’m uncomfortable with cramp […] Read more…


WILF book subscription review

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Wilf book subscription review and giveaway

WILF books is a subscription service for children aged 2 to 9 years. You can select a rolling monthly (£19.95), 3 month (£55) or 6 month (£99.95) subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time, even if you have paid for 6 months, they will refund any difference back to you. D and I have always read to Lucas, it […] Read more…