A couple of weeks ago Lucas and I were invited* to Flip Out in Blackburn. It was only opened a few weeks ago and is the biggest trampoline park in Lancashire. The park includes 140 interconnected trampolines, the world’s largest stunt box area, a ninja warrior course, a laser maze (the only one in a trampoline park within the North West), a total wipeout zone, battle beams, slam dunk and trampoline football goals!


Flip Out trampoline park review Blackburn


As you go into the reception, you need to make sure you put your car registration number in the machine to allow for free parking. You also need to purchase special FlipOut grip socks. Once your session is ready to get started, you are taken into a safety briefing room before going through to the trampolines.


Flip Out trampoline park review Blackburn


We attended one of the morning toddler sessions which is great because you don’t have the worry of older children knocking the little ones over by accident. Lucas really enjoyed bouncing and running up and down the trampolines to the music playing in the background. He also loves jumping into the foam pits. The staff on the trampolines where really friendly and encouraged Lucas to play with the footballs.



After we finished the hour session, the trampolines where opened up to the older children and we went for lunch in the cafe.


Flip Out Blackburn - trampoline park review


I ordered an adults meal deal and chose the pizza, it came with chips and a drink. I also ordered a children’s meal deal which they gave me a portion of nuggets instead of the nugget meal deal but I didn’t say anything as we had enough food between us. I think the adult meal would have been enough for me and Lucas.

The pizza was incredible and I would return to FlipOut for that alone! The nuggets and chips were also delicious, I love how they seem to have taken care to get the food right and not just rely on the trampolines. It was excellent quality and I don’t think they have overpriced it either which is a refreshing change as you can often get stung on cafe prices.


Flip Out Blackburn - trampoline park review 3 brown cardboard food boxes, the top with a cheese and tomato pizza in, the left at bottom chips and eight chicken nuggetsFlip Out Blackburn - trampoline park review Lucas eating an ice cream




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  1. My neices where LUCKY to get FREE tickets to Flip OUT BLACKBURN
    They had a fabulous time and have been back SEVERAL times since
    Never asked them about the food !!
    Looks scrummy

  2. Ahh we went to Flip Out at the weekend but the one in chester, it’s the second biggest in the world! Amazing!! The food was so good, the kids had pizza and I was so jealous!

  3. this looks so fun! and such a great idea for a day out I’ve always wanted to go to a place like this but unfortunately theres none nearby – if i’m ever up north I’ll definitely be paying a vist haha

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