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It’s September and for me that means planning my Christmas gift posts so I have been searching for unique gifts suitable for a wide range of people. This year I am planning 4 different posts – men’s, women’s, children’s and food/drink.


Eyejusters review purple glasses against a black case with white packaging on a wooden backfround


Eyejusters approached me to include them in one of my gift posts and sent* me out a pair to see what they are like. I wasn’t planning on writing a review but when they arrived my Grandma tried them on and was so impressed with them that I got back in touch with them to say I will be writing about them and they offered to give one lucky winner a pair for themselves.


Eyejusters review My Grandma (an elderly lady with grey curly hair) is sat on a chair in a white top and black trousers on wearing purple glasses reading a thick hardback book


My Grandma wears glasses for long distance and short distance and when I told her about the glasses I think she was a little pessimistic to what they would be like. I also wasn’t too sure whether the adjustable lens would look a bit odd. Anyway, my Grandma tried them on to read her book and was really impressed with the ability to change the lens on each side to make them perfect for her eyes and also the quality of them. I love that although the lenses are adjustable this hasn’t effected how stylish and on trend they are.


Eyejusters review my mum (a woman in her 50s with dark brown short curly hair) is sat at the computer wearing a navy work uniform looking at the camera with purple glasses on


When Eyejusters said they were sending me a pair out, I had already decided that I was giving them to my Mum to use for when she is working. They are perfect for when she is sat on the computer so I reluctantly took them off my impressed Grandma and went to see what Mum thought of them. She was really happy with them, again she loved that she could adjust them to exactly what she needs.


Eyejusters review my mum (a woman in her 50s with dark brown short curly hair) is wearing a purple flowery top outside with green trees in the background looking at the camera with purple glasses on


Eyejusters restores your eye’s ability to change focus. By simply turning their revolutionary hidden eyeDials™, you can change the strength of the lenses from +0.50 to +4.00 D, or to anything in between. They are not designed for long distance but they are fab for reading text messages, using a computer; reading a book and hobbies/DIY.  They are available in a variety of styles, designs and colours.

The moving lens mechanism is sealed inside, and the lenses have a durable anti-scratch coating. The glasses come with a signature print microfibre cleaning cloth and a high quality magnetic close hard case. You can also have them as a 30 day risk free trial. If you fancy trying to win a pair, enter below x




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  1. I really like the sound of these. They’d be perfect for my dad as he’s one of those infuriating men who flatly refuses to visit the doctors, dentists or opticians unless it’s an absolute must. His eyesight would really benefit from a pair of eyeadjusters especially for reading. x

  2. These glasses sound perfect! I am currently having problems as I have to wear two pairs of glasses and would much prefer just one pair with adjustable lenses.

  3. What a fantastic idea! I’m surprised at how stylish they are considering that they’re adjustable! My mum could benefit from Eyejusters also, genius product!

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