The nights are drawing in and the thicker duvet’s will be out soon.  I know it’s early but when it begins to get darker I start to think about Christmas. When I think of the festivities many things come to mind; turkey, mince pies, family and friends and of course the classic film, The Snowman . Lucas is now of an age were he loves singing and we cannot wait to introduce him to pantomimes and the theatre. I am thrilled we have been invited* along to review The Snowman this December at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, it is the perfect introduction to the festive season and I hope a real tradition of family theatre.



Based on the Raymond Biggs book, The Snowman Tour brings to life this enchanting film via a big screen accompanied by a live, professional orchestra playing the original score. A young local soloist will also sing the iconic “Walking in the air” written by Howard Blake. There will also be a flying visit from The Snowman.


There are two parts to the show which will be a real treat. The other half will be a short animated film. There are three different films dependant on venue being Cinderella, The Nutcracker or The Bear and the Piano. At the Blackpool Tower venue we will be treated to a new animated film based on David Litchfield’s award winning book The Bear and the Piano. The animation is narrated by Joanna Lumley and will be accompanied by the live orchestra. We have not encountered this book so we will wait with eager anticipation. I am sure you agree it sounds like an exciting outing for both adults and children.


The Snowman Tour


There is only 84 days until The Snowman Tour begins! Our venue Blackpool Tower Ballroom will be amazing with the tower lit up for the illuminations. Other venues include the impressive York Minster, Liverpool, Lichfield, Worcester, Coventry and Durham Cathedrals.  Click here to check for dates and venues to book tickets x


The Snowman Tour




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  1. Aww this looks like a lovely show. I loved The Snowman! On the video, right at the start you see a Snowman toy? My cousin used to have that exact toy and I was always jealous. Haha

  2. Feeling as though from last week I should of put on my thicker duvet. The Snowman, if this isn’t the ultimate Christmas short film, this would be amazing for children x

  3. Man this sums up my childhood! This was one of the only films my school used to let us watch around Christmas time, so it brings back so many lovely memories to see it as a tour! Hopefully it’ll bring lots of other people the joy and happy memories it brought us all those years ago.

  4. We’ve actually started using a light duvet already as it gets cooler in the mornings. The snowman tour sounds great, my little one would enjoy a lot!

  5. I am such a child still when i think of Christmas, i love nothing better than getting ready for the festivities. This sounds like a fabulous thing to go and see pre xmas to get you in the mood x

  6. I love The Snowman, it is an essential part of winter and Christmas. The tour sounds like a fantastic idea, and will be well worth seeing.

  7. You’re starting winter off way too early! I’m refusing to give up my floral dresses!

    I loved the Snowman growing up, sounds like an amazing tour!

  8. I love the Snowman! My daughter refused to watch it last year, but she was only 18 months – I’m hoping this year she’ll be old enough to enjoy it! #stayclassymama

  9. How fun! I’m still dreading giving up summer… but my kiddos are sure getting excited for all the holidays coming up!

  10. Oh that looks like it’ll be so good! I’m excited for Christmas this year, I think both kids are going to be really giddy!! #stayclassymama

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