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Lucas was sent* some adorable sandals from Moccstars. Moccstars are fashionable, soft, handmade leather moccasins, an ideal choice for children’s developing feet.


Moccstars review

The moccasins encourage movement, helping to strengthen little muscles and ligaments whilst also being extremely comfortable. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and pre-walkers and toddlers alike, their design ensure that the shoes stay on the feet.

Moccstars Hercules black leather sandals

The Hercules black leather roman sandals,  currently in the sale for £18 are just gorgeous. They are beautifully soft from the handmade leather and suede. My initial thoughts thought were that I loved the packaging but I thought the sandals where a little flimsy looking and didn’t think they would be comfortable or last well. I couldn’t have been more wrong, Lucas has found them really easy for walk in and they have withstood him running round like the crazy toddler he is. After going out on numerous occasions, they still look new without any creases in the soles or upper leather. I am really impressed with them and will be purchasing them as gifts in the future x


Moccstars Hercules black leather sandals


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Moccstars review
Beauties and the Bibs



16 Comments on What Lucas Wore #36 – Moccstars

  1. Oh my gosh they are SO adorable!
    B would probably much prefer the girls ones but I love these, they are so lovely.

    They look super comfy & breathable! FRESH FEET, No stinks… I have smelly feet issues with B 😛

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