Lucas was recently sent* 2 Tellytubby Tiddlytubbies, Mi Mi and Ping. These adorable soft toys are made from soft towelling plush with textured faces and when you press their tummies they giggle! 

Tellytubbies giggling Tiddlytubbies

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the Tellytubbies, I remember my younger cousin loving Tellytubbies and now Lucas watches them. One of his favourite parts of the Tellytubbies is when they go into the nursery to see the Tiddlytubbies, he gets very excited about the babies. 

Teletubbies is designed to help young children develop their physical, emotional and cognitive skills in a warm, loving, playful environment. It’s about exploring, experimenting, experiencing and enjoyment. 


Tellytubbies giggling Tiddlytubbies


The Teletubbies are always excited when a voice trumpet announces “Time for Tiddlytubbies” and the Tiddlytubbies crawl into their own playroom. The Teletubbies rush to the Tiddlytubbies’ gate to see them – and sometimes open the gate and step inside the playroom to take part in “Tiddlytubbies’ Playtime” or stay very quiet and watch the Tiddlytubbies fall asleep on their musical roundy-round bed for “Tiddlytubbies Sleepybyes”.

Like the Tellytubbies, the Tiddlytubbies all have their own individual characteristics. Ping is a bit on the noisy side. She loves clapping and banging on a colourful wooden xylophone while repeatedly singing, “Ping”! Mi-Mi is the leader and the others look up to her as she speed crawls off to her chosen destination. Mi-Mi loves to bounce on her bottom, clapping excitedly and shouting Mi-Mi!

Lucas loves the plush toys he received, calling them his babies and giving them cuddles. They retail at £9.99 each x




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