Last Friday, we were very lucky to be invited* to watch Teletubbies Live at the Palace Theatre in Manchester. If you’ve never been to the Palace Theatre, you really should if you get the chance, it is a stunning building and a nice intimate size. It is easily accessible from Deansgate train station.


Look who met Po and LaLa today!x

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Teletubbies Live is the first theatre show that the Teletubbies have done and started in Manchester on Friday. They are touring throughout the UK for the next year and those of you that didn’t realise they were on in the Manchester area, I have spotted on the dates that they will also be in St. Helens and Preston next year.


Teletubbies Live review


The Teletubbies is aimed at pre-schoolers from babies to 4 year olds. If you are worried about your little one not keeping still or crying throughout the show, don’t, I think we all know as parents of toddlers that they aren’t made to sit still and be quiet. Throughout the show you could here children crying, getting irritable at times but it didn’t spoil it in the slightest. I didn’t see any adults looking at anybody in a judgemental way and those that were unsettled in the beginning soon quietened down and got into the show.


Teletubbies Live review


Lucas was absolutely mesmerised by the show, sitting at the very edge of my knee as if to get himself as close as possible to the stage! The little girl that was sat next to us also loved it and kept squealing in delight.


Teletubbies Live review


Throughout the show you join Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po as they explore the magical world of Teletubbyland. There are also appearances from the Tubby Phone, Noo-Noo and Sun Baby in a fun, bright and safe world which captures young children’s imaginations and encourages them to explore the world around them.


Teletubbies Live review


It is a fab mixture of characters they know and love with new songs and people acting with the Teletubbies. The tummy time even comes to life as it is played on the large screen behind them before the teacher from the class comes onto the stage to get everyone singing along.



If your little one likes the Teletubbies definitely try and see this show, even if they don’t watch the Teletubbies and you are wanting to take them to the theatre for the first time, I would recommend this. It is fun, relaxed and just the right amount of time of little ones to stay around their seats x


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  1. Finlay would have loved this when he was younger, he secretly might still like it, just like he secretly likes to watch my little pony!

  2. Hi, I’m going to this show next Saturday. Can you tell how long the show was on for? Been showing my son your post to get him excited!

    • I can’t actually remember now, I think it might have been half an hour each half which an interval in between. I hope you enjoy it!xx

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