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Todays blogtober task is to share a secret about myself. I can’t really think of any, secrets are meant to be kept that way so any I do have are locked away so tight that I’ve forgotten them. 

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a 19 month update of Lucas and although everything in that is true, I have an incredibly happy little boy, the truth is he also scares the shit out of me at times.

He has a tent to play in and for a little while he would scurry off to his den, having a play. Hiding his treasures (anything that went missing in the house could be found in the tent). Then he thought, hmmm it could be fun to tip it over and now he is a master of throwing himself around in it in the living room. The boy has no fear, he happily chucks himself to the ground with the tent going over with him. 

He also made me cry last week, we had been out to a show and he just didn’t want to keep still. When I tried to get him to sit with me, he would throw himself down crying. I stayed calm and kept myself together but once we got to the car, I burst out crying. Not because he wouldn’t keep still, I don’t blame him. There’s so much to be exploring why would he want to sit down and watch from the sidelines? No, I think I cried for the 19 months of interupted sleep, for every time he has literally thrown himself onto the floor, for everytime he has headbutted my shoulder, slapped me, screamed at me or scraped my nipples with his teeth. My emotions got too much for me but the cry did help and Lucas, bless him had a little chuckle before eating his Pom Bears in the back of the car. 

Not sure if that counts as a secret or not but just to make sure you know, the majority of the time Lucas is the most loving and happy toddler going, teething has a lot to answer for x

Blogtober 4 share a secret about yourself photo of Lucas smiling through thevwindow of his blue, orange yellow and green tent


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