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Win a bottle of Health Plus Supermouse Blackcurrant Kids Multivitamins worth £10.95.

These multivitamins contain an expert combination of vitamins and minerals for children aged three and over, to help little ones immune systems stay in tip top condition. They are naturally flavoured and sweetened to make a tasty chewable tablet.


Health plus


34 Comments on Win a bottle of Health Plus Supermouse Blackcurrant Kids Multivitamins

  1. I’m seriously considering getting some of these. It’s a worry when your child goes through stages of simply refusing to eat certain healthy foods and whilst this is by no means a direct substitute at least you are more confident they are getting the adequate amount of vitamins and minerals they need. x

  2. It’s a good idea to give a multivitamin to children to keep the immune system healthy as so many colds flying about the schools at this time of year

  3. I think it’s so important to help children’s immune systems during the winter months and giving little ones vitamins and minerals is so important to help keep them healthy.

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