Well baby boy, you are now 19 months old.

I am so so proud of who you are becoming.

You are incredibly happy, I feel very lucky being around you. We are still co-sleeping and when you wake, you jump up and look out of the window, shouting Yay. So happy for a new day.

You have started with this horrible scream and the occasional temper tantrum now but it never lasts long. The other day I wouldn’t let you take something from the dishwasher and you stormed off so mad shouting Daddy as if you were going to tell him how mean I am to you.

You started walking in June, then getting braver crawling up the stairs. This week you have started walking up the stairs, grabbing onto the bannister and wall.

You don’t spend much time in your pram anymore, wanting to walk everywhere. You are stubborn and independent, I love that about you.

You don’t breastfeed during the day anymore, it took a couple of weeks for you to get used to but we managed it. You still feed through the night, I’m not looking forward to weaning you off that. I’m still hoping you will naturally wean yourself from it. In our 19 months of breastfeeding, other than the first couple of weeks which were stressful we have been really lucky. I started with a pain yesterday and we visited the doctor this morning, I’ve got mastitis. Hopefully the anti biotics will kick in soon.

You love your food but you particularly like anything to do with carbs.

You do a lot of chatting now, the words we know are Moma, Daddy, all gone, ta, ready, steady, two, yer, ta ta (whilst waving), hot, better

You love Postman Pat and Justin Beiber.

You are definitely a people person, you love visiting family. You have different routines in every house you go in to.

You love helping us around the house, emptying the dishwasher and washing machine. Although when I’m hanging the washing out, you go along next to me unpegging.

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As quick as I could peg out, Lucas would unpeg x

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You are happy, beautiful, funny, stubborn, independent and have a bit of a temper. Just perfect x




20 Comments on 19 months today

  1. he has such beautiful eyes πŸ™‚
    Well my daughter is 19 yrs and she still creeps into my bed sometimes!
    he looks like a little handful, but a joyous one at that πŸ™‚
    here is to the next 19 months and beyond.

  2. What a cute boy you have. My son is around the same age (22 months). His screaming/tantrum started around 18/19 months too, must be a age thing.

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