We are hoping to put our house up for sale soon so we have been looking at what we need to get done before getting valuations and marketing the house.

The garden

D is currently sprucing up the garden and is laying some artificial grass. We also have a flagged area and borders that will be planted up making it an easy to maintain garden which should appeal to couples and families alike.

The decor

We are going to paint throughout the house in a light neutral colour which helps people imagine the rooms how they would adapt them to their tastes. It also makes it more appealing to move into straight away than a bright or bold colour may, what one person loves, another may hate and couldn’t imagine living in it.


I regularly declutter as I find it quite therapeutic but we do need to declutter some of D’s items, household items that we never use and Lucas’ toys. Not only will it make it easier when we are packing and moving but it will make the house look tidier and more appealing. Take it one room at a time. If you have time do a few small jobs a day. For example, when going through the kitchen cupboards and drawers you can decide what pans, pots, plates and utensils you really need to take with you.

Cleaning and fixing

Obviously we clean on a regular basis but D has also re-caulked around the sink and bath as well as ordered new door handles for all the doors in the house. If you have any dripping taps, cracked tiles or burned out light bulbs, now is the time to fix them before someone looking round brings it up. You don’t want to be haggling on the price for some jobs that could have been easily rectified.


Preparing your house to sell


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