How lovely is this weather?! We are having such a lovely summer and it’s the perfect time with summer holidays coming up to make the most of UK holiday hot spots, rather than going abroad. Before you set off though, make sure your car is road worthy.

Check the oil

Using your dipstick, check your oil once a month and before long journeys

Check the water

When you check the oil, check the coolant level as well. It’s a good habit to get into checking everything the first day of the month as well as before long journeys. Ensure the water is between the min and max mark and in Winter, pop some anti freeze in too


Once a year, replace your windscreen wipers to prevent smearing. Also regularly check your windscreen for any chips or scratches


Inspect your tyres for wear and tear. Check for inner cracks and bulges, check the tyre pressure and tread. If you do need new tyres, Iverson Tyres Ltd. have some fab prices.


Ensure screenwash is topped up and having one with an additive in is a good idea to clean the grime away


Check all your lights including indicators, reverse, brake and fog lights.

Breakdown cover

There are some really reasonable breakdown companies, I pay approximately £20 a year for mine which really puts my mind at rest when I am travelling
Drive safely and ensure you do these simple checks

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  1. So important to make sure your car is in good working order before all journeys. We take our cars for granted so much, and yet can be left stranded if something goes wrong. Very useful, and to the point guide.

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