Now March is upon us it really feels like Spring is finally on the way. One thing on a lot of people’s minds this time of year is a fresh start, spring cleaning and decluttering the home. All of this is particularly important if you’re going to be moving soon. t’s simply not feasible to be able to move out in a rush without a thorough clean that utilises a deep carpet shampooer.

There is so much to think about when it goes to moving from finding transport services, moving companies, organising how to best move with children, replacing furniture you won’t be able to take with you and perhaps even selling on things that will be readily available for you in your new home. Moving comes with a heavy price tag without taking the mortgage or rent into consideration.

Here are some of my top tips for decluttering your home ready for the big move. The more you can sort and get rid of the easier packing will be.

  • Start with something small and simple like sorting old clothes. If you’re moving in the spring you might not need to take all of your winter wardrobe with you. Before packing any winter essentials away, you might consider selling some bits you rarely use or donating to a charity shop. If there’s anything that is looking a bit tatty then it might be time to say your goodbyes and throw it away.
  • Take it one room at a time. If you have time do a few small jobs a day. For example, when going through the kitchen cupboards and drawers you can decide what pans, pots, plates and utensils you really need to take with you.
  • When it comes to furnishings there are some you might not be able to take with you such as carpets and curtains. It’s important to leave these in a clean state before you leave to avoid losing any deposit you might have paid.
  • Children’s toys are another area you can declutter relatively easily although it might be better to do this while the children are at preschool. You might be able to make some spare cash from any items in a good condition. You might even find a few things that are a bit too young for them now that they don’t play with and would make better use in a new home.
  • If you are going to be throwing a lot of things out you might want to consider what you can and can’t recycle. If you do still end up with a lot of rubbish and struggle getting rid of it then a local transport company might be able to help you. This is handy if you have any really big items that you can’t take with you like sofas or white goods.

So, there are just a few tips to help you declutter your home before a move. Is there anything more you would add?x



Decluttering ready for a move, getting your house organised and rid of items you no longer use and don’t want to take



10 Comments on Decluttering ready for a move

  1. Great tips. One of the things I hate doing is getting ready to move. We’ve yet to move since having Blake although we need a bigger place soon I’m dreading the time it happens. I’m always trying to declutter though as we always end up with too much stuff.

  2. I try to declutter properly at least once or twice a year to purge what I have, but I plan to move next year so I know I’ll need to do something even more intense to clean x

  3. These are great tips for people who are planning to move any time soon. It’s really good to start with the smaller things so you won’t get overwhelmed. Love all your tips!

  4. When I moved it was crazy how much I was able to declutter, I don’t think you quite realise how much stuff you accumulate over the years until you have a intense spring clean or you move

  5. Thank you for reminding me to do a spring time purge. I love doing this and preparing for a new start. You feel so much lighter when it’s finished and you have more room.

  6. I love a good declutter, and boy do I need to get started on it. I feel totally fed up with chasing my tail and feeling disorganised, and I know it is because I need to have a clear out.

  7. These are some great tips for those who are planning to move soon. Good declutter and organized are so important.

  8. Moving is always such a painful and long process but your tips are great – they definitely help streamline the process and make it more bearable!

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