Lucas climbing to get up to the slide


ESP Play recently carried out some research with Liverpool John Moores University about childhood obesity. They found that in a child’s PE lesson at school 68% is spent stationary. I think that is ridiculously high, especially when PE lessons aren’t that long or regular. I know the school Lucas is meant to be going to in September take exercise seriously and really encourage it for both the children’s physical and mental wellbeing. They encourage children to keep wellies and trainers at school so they can go on a daily walk, whatever the weather. There are also so many extra curricular activities that he can join such as trampolining, football, tennis, tag rugby, dance, cross country, hockey, cricket, judo, fencing, gymnastics, dance, multi sports, gardening and archery! I love the variety that is offered to help children find an active activity that they like and will want to pursue as well
as a child led playroom for learning through play.


Active through play, Lucas is sat on the top of a yellow slide smiling at the camera


We are currently exploring the Dordogne in France and Lucas has been really enjoying the outdoor play equipment we have been finding in various villages. We have seen how much his confidence has grown, navigating his way through obstacles and wooden climbing frames.


Lucas playing games on the lawn outside Mareuil chateau


We’ve also spotted a few multi use games areas which look fab for bringing the children together to play football, basketball or tennis and it’s so nice when these are positioned near a communal swimming pool. It’s lovely to see these resources available to the communities for free, allowing children to play and develop skills.


Lucas and I are on a seesaw getting active through play


“Play involves children developing skills in using their bodies, promoting strength, co-ordination and agility,” explains a spokesperson for the Pre-school Learning Alliance. “Through play children form relationships, learn how to make friends, be sociable, share and take turn. In this way they develop an understanding of others and learn to feel empathy, responding appropriately to the needs and feelings of others.


Are your children naturally active or do they need some encouragement through play?


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  1. We have had a large play structure in our garden for the last 12 years and every one of the children has spent many hours on it, climbing, swinging and sliding for hours, and they all love being outdoors, our school also encourages them outside in all weathers to explore their environment, so we always have wellies left at school too.

  2. It is scary how inactive kids are these days. Mine are quite good but do need to be reminded that they will not be on consoles all day

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