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This week we have been out a couple of times for meals, once in Édon which is actually classed as Charente rather than the Dordogne. Edon is a beautiful little village, when we went there was a christening party going on and a boules match being played. It was lovely seeing so many people around as the majority of villages are very quiet. I think if we had visited on another day though, it also would have been just as quiet.


Lucas and I playing on a see saw


The second time we ate out was in Gout-Rossignol. This is a village we have passed through many times to get to places and we had been recommended the restaurant so decided to pop in. The food was absolutely incredible and really well priced. It was €16.50 each for a 4 course meal, wine and coffee!


Lucas and I stood next to a violin sculpture in Brantome


We went to view a house a couple of miles away from where we are staying. It’s one D had seen online but we couldn’t work out where it was, we ended up driving past it on the way back from Edon as the sat nav took us a different way so booked a viewing. The house is fab, needs some work doing to it but could be incredible once finished. It also has a garden and two barns!


Lucas in Brantome


On Wednesday we went to Brantome which is about 30 minutes away from us. Brantome is stunning and has a bustly atmosphere full of tourists and locals. There are plenty of little shops to look in as well as places to eat. We took a boat ride along the river, explored the caves and the abbey.


Verteillac night market


On Thursday evening we finally got round to going to the Verteillac for their night market. We had a great time, the centre of the village was filled with tables and chairs for everyone to eat together. There were various stalls serving food and drink. We bumped into a family that we met on the park last week which was lovely and we found that lots of the locals recognised us from visiting over the last few weeks. It felt like a proper community.


Lucas playing hook a duck


We have booked to view another house tomorrow, we had a nosy from the outside last week. It’s a house with a garden and outbuilding across the road from it, the outbuilding has a lot of potential for us to set up businesses in there so we are both excited to see inside!

This weekend has been Fontaine’s annual fete, we popped in yesterday and Lucas played hook a duck and won a grow your own snake, it’s now hatched and Lucas is eagerly waiting for it to grow x


Exploring the Dordogne, France. We went to Edon, Gout-Rossignol, Brantôme, Verteillac and Fontaine #france


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  1. I haven’t explored France much other than Nice and Paris. This area looks very green and pretty. How exciting that you looked at a house, do you think you would have a second house here one day?

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