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I have teamed up with BABY born to give you the chance to win a BABY born Soft Touch Doll and Feeding Chair! BABY born Soft Touch dolls are a child’s best friend and partner in play for children aged three years and above, with realistic functions and endless opportunities for imaginative play. You can now share special meal times with your BABY born Soft Touch Doll thanks to the BABY born feeding chair. The chair is made out of soft, but stable fabric and can be screwed down onto the table top in just a few simple steps. To enter, use the app below

Baby Born


144 Comments on Win a Baby Born doll and feeding chair

  1. All children, girls and boys, love playing with dolls – they will probably be parents themselves one day…and this is such a sweet set – my grandchildren would love it!

  2. My granddaughter now has a new baby brother, so is playing with dolls as her own baby now, so this would be ideal!

  3. Never see a feeding chair for a dolly where it can be attached to the table! what a great idea my daughter would love this.

  4. Baby Born as been around a lot of years I biught this doll for my daughter when she was little she who is now 25 years old and now I hopeing I win this fantastic Doll for my Granddaughter.

  5. My little would absolutely love this she really enjoys playing with her dollies and I think it’s great for children to role play

  6. Oh my daughter would love this! She loves taking care of her baby dolls and copying how I care for her baby brother!

  7. What a wonderful prize! And a fantastic Christmas present (not that I could wait that long to give it to someone…)

  8. Nice prize package.


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  9. This would be perfect for my little girls, 5 and 2 as they share a doll at the moment and this would stop the fighting lol. Looks like a brilliant doll

  10. Fantastic competition my youngest son loves playing with dolls while at his brothers football training that other siblings bring. He likes to pretend to feed them and give them cuddles

  11. My daughter ava would absolutely love this baby born set, she’s baby mad & it would make such a wonderful birthday gift for her Halloween birthday

  12. My youngest has just started to enjoy playing “mommy” it’s adorable listening to her try and sing rockabye baby,she would love this

  13. My 3 year old daughter would adore this Baby Born Set. She’s just recently gotten a new dolls pram but her dolly was dragged outside by our very naughty doggy one day so now she currently has no dolly for her pram

  14. I would love this for my niece. She has always liked dolls. But, as she just got a new baby sister, I am sure she would play with this even more now.

  15. Such a lovely prize. I still remember my very first baby doll and I think it’s a special thing for any child to look after their ‘baby’

  16. My baby girl would love this, one of her first words was baby, and she loves her little soft doll, constantly kissing and cuddling it!

  17. I used to love playing with my dolls when I was younger. My nephew and niece would both love to share this and have fun caring for him!

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