Lucas sat outside L’Hotel-de-Cours-de-Thomazeau-Castillonnès


A couple of weeks ago we travelled from our gite in the Dordogne to Lot-et-Garonne to stay in a hôtel particulier in Castillonnès.


The hotel room we stayed in a big white wooden bed with a blue and white curtain draped over the side with dark wooden furniture in the background


A hôtel particuliers is a grand townhouse. Whereas an ordinary house was built as part of a row, sharing party walls with the houses on either side and directly fronting on a street, an hôtel particulier was often free-standing, and by the 18th century it would always be located entre cour et jardin: between the cour d’honneur (an entrance court) and the garden behind. There are hôtels particuliers in many large cities in France.


Lucas and I sat in one of the grand reception rooms


L’Hotel de Cours de Thomazeau was built in 1770 on the footprint of the early medieval chateau. The building was designed by the architect, Victor Louis who is famous for the opera house in Bordeaux. The current owners bought it in 2009 and have carefully restored the former run down house to how it should be. The house has been stunningly decorated and tastefully finished with beautiful antiques and furniture throughout.

We were very lucky to have exclusive access to the house when we stayed overnight so we got to have a good look around.


Lucas sat on a chair next to a writing desk


We stayed in the Blue Horizons room. A beautiful bright room with 3 double windows overlooking the valley, a perfect room to relax and admire the view. It had a huge bed in it and a single was also put in to make it a family room. There is a spacious en-suite bathroom, a huge wardrobe with a safe in as well as other in keeping furniture. Just outside the room is tea and coffee making facilities and a small fridge to use.


A piano room with draped curtains behind leading into another room


There are five other rooms that can be booked, each elegantly decorated. There are numerous reception rooms that can be used for talks, courses, meetings, get togethers or even a wedding!


Lucas sat in the dining room having breakfast


The house is open to the public on Tuesdays for tours and a coffee. It can also be booked for private tours and Jennie talks you through her home with such a love of history, explaining what it would have been like when it was originally built and showing you the treasures she has collected over the years.



Have a look around the house on the video below which includes the majority of the rooms and the cave under the house full of water! We really enjoyed our stay, we felt like royalty for the evening, surrounded by such history or luxury. The stay was finished perfectly with pastries, fruit and yoghurt for breakfast in the dining room x


 #france L’Hotel de Cours de Thomazeau, Castillonnès


26 Comments on A luxurious stay at L’Hotel de Cours de Thomazeau, Castillonnès

  1. This looks like a palace to me, seems like living in the fairytale. From the dining table to the bedsheet, everything is in details and wish to experience once. Every corner in this hotel is photo opportunities.

  2. Never been to this hotel but that place looks very vibrant to relax and unwind. Looks like you had a great time there!

  3. Wow the place looks extremely royal! I love the details! It’s like you were able to live like a queen during your stay, how fab!

  4. The rooms look straight out of a history book! The bed, wallpaper, and chairs feel like they could’ve been used for French nobility. These are the kinds of places I love the most – so beautiful!

  5. Wow! What a fantastic experience! Sounds really lovely and I love the photo of you guys in the huge bed! Brilliant post. Thanks so much for joining in with #CTWM and I hope to see you back again soon 🙂

  6. Another fan of that final photo – how gorgeous is that bed! I didn’t know what a hotel particulier was so this was a very interesting read. #allaboutfrance

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