Hair loss is one of the most common problems affecting men and women from around the globe, and while the causes might differ from individual to individual, it can be a stressful and embarrassing issue for many.

Thankfully, there are actually some actionable steps you could take to cope with it.

Coconut Oil Massage

Head massages are an excellent way to curb hair loss and stimulate hair growth, especially among individuals suffering from hair damage due to excessive heat treatments and styling. Massaging with coconut oil, in particular, has been found to be incredibly helpful. It can stimulate the growth of hair, nourish the scalp (which is great for those suffering from scalp dryness) and can also improve circulation in the scalp, which can make your hair follicles stronger, and your hair, less prone to breakage.

Hair Loss Meds

There are actually a good number of hair loss meds out there that are effective in treating excessive hair loss, particularly for men suffering from male pattern baldness. Dutasteride is an excellent example and has been really popular in recent years too. The best way to get your hands on these meds (or even just check them out) is at an online pharmacy, which makes the entire process a hassle-free experience. In fact, some of them even offer an at-home consultation for you. You don’t even have to step out, and you can get prescribed based on your condition.

Gentle Styling

This one’s a biggie. When it comes to styling your hair, make sure you’re as gentle as possible, especially if you have a sensitive scalp or if your hair is more prone to breakage. Avoid heat treatments as much as you can- it tends to weaken the bonds in your hair, making it weaker.

Also, avoid tying your hair tightly, or using items or fashion accessories that tug at your hair- for obvious reasons of course!

Using the Right Products

Washing your hair regularly and using the right products for your hair is another excellent way to reduce hair loss naturally. Use a mild, sulphate free shampoo and avoid using harsh shampoos- they tend to dry out your hair, causing them to break and may also irritate your scalp, making your hair roots weaker.

Protein-Rich Foods

Hair follicles are basically made up of a kind of protein called keratin, and a nutritional deficiency of this important food group can actually make your hair weaker, studies have found. In contrast, having a diet rich in protein-packed foods can improve your hair health and make them considerably stronger, in addition to several other health benefits.


Actionable Ways to Cope With Hair Loss



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  1. Great article. I am lucky as despite being a 60-something male I still have a good head of hair. I hope very much to keep it that way!

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