When searching for the right type of hair extensions, you will find there are so many options out there, it’s very easy to get confused. How do you know what extensions would meet your demands perfectly? The first step is to figure out whether you want temporary or permanent hair extensions and make sure you like the according to installation type. In this blog, I’m going to introduce eight different hair extensions. Some of them are temporary hair extensions, some of them permanent.


choosing hair extensions

Temporary Hair Extensions

Temporary hair extensions are easy to install and can be attached in 1-10 minutes. Women mostly use this type of hair extensions for special occasions and can take them off any time after the occasion.

Temporary hair extensions include:Clip-in Hair Extensions, Flip-In Hair Extensions, Magic Ponytail Hair Extension

Permanent Hair Extensions

Permanent hair extensions can usually last from 5 weeks to 8 months, you don’t have to remove them at night like temporary hair extensions do. We can use a variety of methods to attach these extensions, like Keratin, Sew, Glue, and more.

Permanent hair extensions include:Tape-In Hair Extensions, Micro-Ring Hair Extension,Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions, Nano Ring Hair Extensions, Microchet Hair Extensions


clip in hair extensions


Clip-in hair extensions are perfect for a quick Do-It-Yourself hair transformation. They are easy to attach and can be perfectly matched with your own hair – giving you longer hair, lowlights, highlights, or added volume.

All clip–in hair extensions come in one or multiple pieces (wefts) of varying widths. These extensions can be clipped–in or out in minutes and are virtually undetectable. Just Do it yourself “clip-in” extensions save you time and money! It’s quick and easy!


tape in hair extensions


Tape in hair extensions are among the newest hair extension trend on the market. This method is 100% natural, requires no tools or chemicals, and lasts up to three months – and the hair is reusable!

Tape in hair extensions are thin tape wefts, 1 inch wide pre-taped hair wefts, that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in “sandwich” like bonds. The biggest mistake people often make is incorrectly applying or removing tape-in hair extensions on their own at home. The application is hard to get right, especially without help. So you are highly suggested to get yourself a professional hairstylist to help you finish the installation.


micro ring hair extensions


Micro-ring hair extensions (ring loop hair extensions), loop hair extension or micro-loop hair extensions. It’s a type of hair extension attached by threading sections of natural hair through small loops to hold each extension securely in place.

They are not applied with glues or bonding adhesives that can potentially cause hair breakage or even allergic reactions in some clients. Micro-ring hair extensions also do not require the use of hot flat irons that can also damage natural strands.


pre bonded hair extensions


Pre-Bonded hair extensions (bonding or pre-bonded) are fused to the natural hair using different adhesives such as glue. It should be applied by a hairdresser.

The application involves a tool that looks like a hot glue gun, which essentially glues the hair to individual strands of the natural hair. Another type of application for pre-bonded hair extensions uses a heat clamp to melt the glue to the natural hair.


nano ring hair extensions


Nano ring hair extensions are an amazing method, especially for those with finer hair. The process of fitting nano ring hair extensions involves placing individual strands to small sections of hair and securing them with a metal nano ring. The nano ring itself (as the name suggests) is tiny and 90% smaller than a traditional micro ring, which is why it is often more suitable for those with finer hair.

The main advantage of the nano ring hair extension is that its bonds are incredibly tiny, resulting in being crowned one of the smallest bonds available. They are also available in a variety of colours, making it easier to match them to the root colour they are being fixed too.


flip in hair extensions


Flip-in hair extensions are 2-in-one hair extensions which come with an invisible & removable wire and several removable clips.

Flip-in hair extensions can be used as a halo hair extension or as a clip-in hair extension for extra volume. The adjustable wire and the magic clips are innovative that can make your flip-in hair extensions very convenient to use.


microchet hair extensions


Microchet hair extensions are perfect for a professional and permanent hair extension installation.

They ensure a long-wearing period, a secure hold and a very pleasant wearing comfort!


magic ponytail hair extensions


Magic Ponytail Hair Extensions are quite simple to apply. They either cover your natural short hair, turning them into a long mane or blend-in with your natural tresses to complete perfection.

Taking less than 1 minute to fit and only 1 second to remove, the magic ponytail hair extension is the shortest way to gorgeous, sophisticated long locks!


Different Types Of Hair Extensions & Installation Methods



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