The increasing people who suffer from hair loss choose non-surgical hair replacement system as the great option to regain the appearance of having a full head of hair without doing any medical surgery. Even though it was socially awkward for certain people at the beginning, after all, it is affordable and safe. When you get used to it, hair replacement system is just as common as the makeup in daily life.


hair replacement system


Purchasing a suitable hair replacement system can be challenging, especially if you use it for the first time. A fully customised system can perfectly match your specific hair loss pattern, density, and colour blend.

Here are some major steps of designing a hair replacement system

  • Choosing the system base
  • Measuring the base size & hairline shape
  • Deciding the hair type, length, colour and curvature

Choosing the system base

Hairbro provide various base materials and designs: lace, mono, poly, and the combination of different materials based on their own features.

The lace hair system is soft, breathable and can provide a natural hairline.

The mono hair system is breathable and durable, it can last around one year.

The appearance and durability of the poly hair system depend on its thickness. The thicker poly hair system can last longer, but its appearance will be less natural.


hair replacement system base


Check here to see more hair system bases. After choosing the system base, you can start designing all the details by clicking the “Custom Now” button

Measuring the base size & hairline shape

There are two ways to determine the base size: simply measure the width and length, or make a template.

Option 1:

hair replacement system measure

Option 2:

Make a Template and send it to them with a hair sample

Click here to see how to make a template

They always recommend the latter one. The template not only provides the right base size but also the most natural front hairline because it is drawn by following your own front hairline shape. You can also choose a front hairline shape which is similar to yours.


hairline shapes


Hairbro will also cover half the shipping cost if customers would like to make the template and ship it to them.

Deciding the hair type, length, colour, and curvature

The recommended way of deciding the hair is to send the hair sample to them as well.

If it is not convenient for you, you can refer to their colour chart, for the hair type, and curvature and you can see all the details when you customising it.

Sign up at Hairbro and enjoy up to £50 off for your first order. Check here and starting shopping!


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How To Customise A Suitable Hair Replacement System


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