Oftentimes during the holiday season, men’s gifts and big ticket items such as 4k televisions or gaming consoles are the first things that come to mind when considering a relatively large purchase. However, a men’s suit can make such a thoughtful and worthwhile gift to invest in.

What to Consider When Gifting a Suit

The first thing to consider is whether or not this gift will be a surprise. You may need to get his measurements unless you already know these.

The problem with purchasing a suit without knowing exact measurements is you may have an ill-fitting suit on Christmas morning.

What to Look For and What Is Important in a Quality Suit

If this will be the first suit in his wardrobe, choose a black or navy fabric – with or without pinstripes as per preference. Your purchased garment should be wool, or perhaps bamboo, some newer suits are using bamboo as a construction material that is quite breathable, rugged, and carries a nice finish. Polyester garments are less breathable but resistant to shrinkage and creasing.

Suit Style Trends

  • ​​Pinstripes are very much in style, as are suits in colours of brown, tan, or even white dinner jackets if you are going away for some winter sun.
  • Suits with leather elbow patches and wide lapels, Harris Tweed and corduroy are all back into the limelight. Flaws can be seen as stylistic additions in this retro look.
  • Flat front pants are very trendy at the moment; however, be advised that they are best for slimmer men. Pleats are a classic look and do not go out of style
  • A straight hem is more stylish than cuffed suit pants, although this is still a matter of personal choice.
  • You could also mix and match a suit with a paired jacket and waistcoat (think country tweed) with black smart trousers and a white shirt, with no tie or a cravat.

Keep these tips in mind and your purchase is much more likely to be a long-term investment, rather than a short and bitterly regretful decision!


What to consider when buying a men’s suit

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1 Comment on What to consider when buying a men’s suit

  1. Excellent tips, i didnt even realise Bamboo was material for suits! and i didnt know that elbow leather patches were back in fashion, i wouldn’t choose them for myself though. I like a Black or navy suit, im back and forth with grey.

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