I have always had frizzy, naturally curly hair. Over the years, I have learnt to live with it, rather than straighten it (mainly through laziness as I’m not one to spend a lot of time on my hair or makeup) and I have worked out what works for my hair. When I got pregnant, I started losing a lot of hair and 2 years on, I am still malting, seriously, Lucas will hand me clumps of hair when he is hugging me! I do try to keep it in good condition to prevent me from losing anymore.

I’ve tried all sorts of shampoos for curly hair and found none worked any better than ones for normal hair. I vary the brands of shampoo I use (usually what’s on offer), but always choose one suitable for dry/damaged hair to hydrate my curls and smooth out frizz.

As with the shampoo, I buy one that is on offer but always for dry/damaged hair. I try to use a deep conditioner once a week, I love Tropic skincare hair feast. This highly effective and versatile product can be used as either a daily treatment or an intensive conditioning mask when left on for at least 10 minutes.

Hair brushing If you brush dry curly hair, all you will get is frizz, you will brush out your curls. Rather than brushing, either use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb whilst your hair is wet. A detangler can help too

Serum is fab for frizzy or curly hair. It eliminates frizz, repels humidity and smooths the hair as well as protecting against heat. I love John Frieda frizz ease 6 effects serum, apply it to your hair (one-two pumps) when your hair is soaking wet. If you use hair mousse, use a serum before to stop your hair going crunchy. I use a serum when I know I am going to tie my hair up for the day, it stops the frizz and controls it naturally.

Drying If you use a hairdryer, tip your head upside and use a diffuser on your dryer. Drying will damage your hair, use a protective heat spray or serum before drying. I wrap a towel around my hair whilst I get dressed, then allow my hair to dry naturally.

Curl cream Over the years, I have tried a lot of mousses, creams and sprays. One that I find can’t be beaten for my hair is Trevor Sorbie curls and waves firm hold curl cream. I use it when I know I want my hair down all day or night, it holds my curls without making them stiff or crunchy. My hair feels natural to touch and it eliminates frizz. Whilst, I was looking for the link to put in here, I have seen that it has been changed to tame and define firm hold curl cream so I really hope the product itself hasn’t changed! It is also worth looking in Boots for offers on Trevor Sorbie as they regularly do 3 for 2 which is when I stock up.


What products do you find work for your hair?


Hair care tips for curly hair




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  1. Gonna have to show this to my wife. Her hair is really curly and she always has trouble with it.

  2. I have recently learnt with my curls all I need to do is leave them after washing and let them dry naturally, thats usually when I get the best results. Problem for me is I sleep on it and they all get frizzy then 🙁

  3. i don’t have curly hair but I really love naturally curly hair and I enjoy it most when people flaunt their natural curls. Glad you found a way to work with them.

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