This year I am on a mission to redecorate, so far I have only done my bedroom but with Spring around the corner I have started to think about our garden.

At the moment it is flagged and gravelled with borders of out of control bushes and trees. I would love to make it more toddler friendly so we can play out in the Summer. I enjoy gardening but I don’t have the time to be maintaining it.

Lazy gardeners hanging basket artificial flowers

These artificial flowers add a touch of colour with a UV-resistant wicker-effect finish hanging basket. No need for feeding or worrying about watering, it could be kept up all year round or changed seasonally to keep it inkeeping with the time of the year. Love The Sales, £29.99

Lazy gardeners little tikes go green playhouse

I love the look of Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse, £249.99 (currently £212.50). I really want to get this for Lucas. My Dad has a garden centre and my brother is a landscape gardener so I definitely want to try and get Lucas enthusiastic about it. It also looks great to learn about recycling and solar power. Within its many features is a recycling centre with removable bins, water reservoir leading to a rain barrel, solar powered light, roof section that can be filled with soil to grow grass (like a green roof), planting box where you can grow flowers and vegetables and a real working sink where water comes from the rain barrel.

Lazy gardeners natural artificial grass

Natural artificial grass, £14.99 square metre. I am an advertisers dream and have chosen this purely because its name is natural. Apparantly reproducing the organic features of grass in a gorgeous blend of colour tones and realistic textures. The 3 colours of the yarn create an authentic canvas, whilst the smooth and delicate surface, alongside the 30mm thickness and the high density tufting feels luxurious underfoot and almost silky to the touch. No mowing the lawn and a soft surface for Lucas to play…sounds good to me!

Lazy gardeners rattan furniture

I adore rattan furniture, we have always had it in my parents garden and when we do buy some for ourselves I want to invest in some quality furniture to last us. The rattan cube chairs and footstools store neatly away under the table, providing a compact storage solution. Luxurious 6cm thick cushions are also included as well as a waterproof cover. This Barcelona set is currently £749 and comes with 5 years warranty.


Lazy gardeners rosemary


In our borders I would love to have a rockery with herb plants interspersed. I think I would leave that to my brother to design for us.


What do you think of my list? Are you an avid gardener or would you go for the easier options?x


33 Comments on The Lazy Gardeners Wish List

  1. That Go Green playhouse is so cute and would be such a fun play area for Lucas and to learn about gardening. I like your choice in outdoor furniture too, I’ve always liked rattan for outdoors x

  2. Love the idea of artificial handing baskets. I can’t be trusted with actual living plants! It doesn’t look too plastic either. You come across some that are super bright and look a bit weird in winter haha!

  3. I understand why your preference is artificial grass. But I can’t imagine my garden with artificial grass. Artificial plants, I am all up for that. Nice post.

  4. That greenhouse is ADORABLE! I love things like that! So would my little ones..haha. I am very much go for the easy option, but I still like to have lots of plants!

  5. Haha yikes I am with you on the artificial grass! REALLY want to get done with mowing the lawn and muddy feet that come in after the rain! I have got artificial plants all over the house and the garden! not built for handling real ones haha!

  6. That little tykes playhouse looks amazing! We had one for the boys when they were little but it wasn’t as impressive as that! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime and Good luck with your project

  7. That playhouse is so cute. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to have one of those.
    Oh, and hanging baskets are perfect for lazy gardeners.

  8. I hate gardening! My gran has a lovely garden and don’t get me wrong in the summer it’s fantastic! But definitely one of the reasons I live in a flat is to never deal with a garden

  9. I love that playhouse, I wish I had something like that when I was a kid! We also have rattan furniture at home, fits in with any garden and much better than metal chairs that rust!

  10. I love the rattan furniture and would love to get a set! I have lots of huge terracotta pots with herbs in. At my last count I had over 20 different ones including chocolate mint and pineapple mint!

  11. I’m on the same mission! So far I have done the bedroom and living room and half the hall way. I really want some rattan furniture for the garden, I’m hoping to persuade the husband this year.

  12. Love the little playhouse, the bit of garden we do have isnt secure but would love a decent garden to put these sort of things in, nothing better than sitting outside in the summer months

  13. #MarvMondays hmm not sure about the plastic content of little Tikes? i think a mini wooden shed would look and weather better? i love the idea of getting your little one into nature – that can only be an awesome thing.

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