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Lucas loves being out and about. I don’t know whether he will ever want to just stay in, as soon as he is up in the morning he is ready for his day of adventures. This usually starts with an extremely early morning walk/drive, we can very often be found out at 6am! We usually go to the shop (to stall disturbing people), we pick up something to eat then go round to my parents. We are very lucky that they don’t mind us letting ourselves in at all hours. 

Once Lucas has got his drink, we get a cushion and camp out in their bedroom having breakfast and watching TV with them. My Dad works 7 days a week so it is really nice that we can do this otherwise we would rarely see him and Lucas wouldn’t have the same relationship as he does with him. 

This photo was taken last week after Lucas had waved my Dad off to work and my Mum was getting ready to go. Lucas decided he would brush his teeth with her. It’s a special thing to have family close by and watch Lucas’ relationships grow.




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  1. This is adorable, ours is always wanting to go to my parents and often we will head over for when my dad arrives home from work post 7pm as otherwise J wouldn’t see him. Little traditions like these are great aren’t they? #TheOrdinaryMoments

  2. Aww that’s just so lovely, and it sounds like he has a really wonderful bond with your parents. Both mine love my mum and dad and I love that so much!

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