According to Allergy UK, 50% of children in the UK have an allergy. Allergy symptoms can be mild, moderate or severe, and while some people seem to experience the same level of allergy symptoms each time they have an allergic reaction, there is no guarantee that a mild reaction on one occasion won’t lead to a more serious reaction on another occasion. This is why it is so important that allergy in children should be diagnosed, treated and controlled.

AllerGuard cot mattress cover childhood allergies

I have an AllerGuard cot mattress cover to give away. AllerGuard is a Scandinavian brand of microfibre bedding products, scientifically proven to prevent allergies and reduce symptoms of asthma and eczema. We are living in an allergy epidemic and it is particularly important to protect babies and children right from the start before they develop allergies. Exposure to dust mites is a major cause of allergy and asthma and AllerGuard prevents dust mites in the bed, and protects your child from developing potentially life threatening illnesses such as asthma.

Allerguard cot matress cover giveaway

The AllerGuard Mattress cover completely surrounds the mattress giving full protection from allergens. The cot mattress cover measures 60x120x10 cm and retails at £63.20 + VAT.’

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  1. We have a beautiful daughter Autumn shes 20 weeks old.. and has allergies already her skin becomes dry and her eyes sore.
    My other daughter Jessica suffers with really bad hayfever and
    dust and fur also.

  2. not that we know of, but there’s always time. he did have an egg allergy when I first started him on solids but seems ok now xx

  3. My nephew is allergic to something, he’s currently undergoing tests to see what it is. He’s only a baby but has had eczema and anaphylactic shock.

  4. Yes, we had a few tough years with her in and out of hospital with reoccurring chest infections due to her having Asthma and allergies x

  5. My daughter has asthma, eczema, food allergies and rhinitis so this sounds like it would be a great help for her.

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