Spending time outdoors is relaxing for you and exciting for the children – they love exploring every corner of the garden, discovering the bugs and insects that call our garden their home, and turning their white clothes into a washing nightmare… but let’s not talk about that last one.

I’d love to be able to spend more outdoors, just wish the weather would let me. So, you know I was happy when I found out about Designer Shade Solutions’ retractable roof systems. I’m always looking for new ways to improve the garden and to make the most out of my favourite part of the house, so it comes as no surprise how excited I was when I found out about these modern versions of pergolas.

Country Living shared some pergola ideas to create the perfect outdoor retreat, including using a pergola to define a child-friendly play area or an outdoor living space to welcome guests; installing a free-standing pergola in the middle of the garden for added drama or adding a pergola that “runs the length of the house, extending the amount of living space that can be utilised by the family.”


modern pergola


Pergolas are simply stunning and I’ve always dreamt about having one in my garden, however, traditional pergolas – a large wooden outdoor structure that features a lattice roof – are simply not practical for British homes. Yes, they would offer some shade during summer, but that’s it.

If I’m going to add something to my garden, I want to be able to enjoy it all-year-round. This is why these modern pergolas are so exciting! These innovative pergolas feature a retractable and tilting louvred roof that is operated by a radio-controlled system to either open or close the roof, depending on the weather. So, if it’s raining you can close the roof and if it’s sunny you can open it or simply have the roof tilted for some shade.

These can be installed in any outdoor space and, as this article on Let’s Fix It explains, these are available as standalone or integrated structures. “Standalone pergolas can be used in the middle of gardens, patios, terraces and other outdoor areas, adding an interesting focal point to any space. Whilst integrated pergolas can be attached to properties, forming an outdoor living space that serves as an extension to current indoor spaces.”

Modern pergolas balance style and function perfectly. You might have seen these in commercial establishments, such as cafes, restaurants or hotels, but why not add it to your home’s garden? As this article on Clear Lifestyle asks, “who says that you can’t have a bit of luxury at home?”

By adding one of these pergolas to your outdoor space, you will be able to finally enjoy your garden, patio or terrace no matter the weather. Plus, as Surburban Mum mentions, these modern pergolas “can be combined with side screens, heating and lighting to create the ultimate outdoor retreat”. Doesn’t it sound fantastic?

What do you think of these modern pergolas?


How to enjoy your garden all-year-round. Spending time outdoors is relaxing for you and exciting for the children

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1 Comment on How to enjoy your garden all-year-round

  1. I love the ides of a pergola, we’ve talked about making one over a hot tub in the garden one day so we can enjoy it all year round x

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