Are you planning your next holiday or simply dreaming of going away? I think for most of us, we can’t imagine when it will be but we can still dream.  These are some different activities to keep your children entertained and keep you sane while waiting for your flights at the airport. I’m not sure what types of activities you have prepared for the long airport wait but I thought I’d share mine. Hopefully, these will be new and exciting activities to try on your future family holiday.

First and foremost, ditch the iPad. There are so many things to enjoy from being at the airport, that the iPad will be the last thing that you’ll need to keep the kids busy. For many, airports are their least favourite part of the whole travel experience, however, it’s a necessary part and it can be quite enjoyable!


plane and worker in a hi vis vest in front of it


Play airport bingo

 Aviation Spares & Repairs, ground support equipment supplier, recommends playing airport bingo to learn more about the sights found at airports, from airport baggage carts and airport tugs (which move airports around the ramp) to international planes landing or a certain coloured suitcase. Write down some of the sights and items that you want to find and walk around checking them off the list. You can also do the same with items that travellers carry with them – backpack, neck pillow, book, Hawaiian shirt… the options are endless!

Learn about airport jobs

Whilst you’re playing airport bingo or any other airport-related activity, you can also teach your kids about new airport vocabulary and all the types of jobs that can be found at the airport. Perhaps see if you kids can guess some of the different airport employee’s job – “What do you think that person is doing with that long tube near that plane?” or “What do you think that person is going with those orange light sticks?”

Plane spotting

 This article on Midwife and Life shared that plane spotting is another fun airport activity to try. “Sit next to the tall windows at the gate and try to spot from which countries the various aeroplanes are from. For an extra level of difficulty, once you’ve figured out where the plane is from, share something about the country itself.”

Stretch your legs

 Give both the kids and yourself a workout by walking around the airport. This article on Family Vacation Critic recommends going from terminal to terminal, up and down the stairs and escalators and through various gates. Make walking fun by trying different ways of walking – from walking like a crab to walking like a kangaroo.

Pet an animal

 Who can say no to petting an animal? Plus, if you or your children are feeling anxious about flying, petting an animal with help settle any nerves. As My Pinstrosity Life says in a blog post, plenty of airports around the world “have airport therapy animals, from cats and dots to miniature horses and even goats. Denver International Airport even had goat yoga at one point!”


Fun airport activities for stress-free family travel. Keep your child entertained and keep you sane while waiting for your flights

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