Sanitising our hands is extremely important to reduce the chances of getting ill and spreading bacteria, germs and viruses to others. It’s even more important for children, as they have a passion for touching their faces after touching anything and everything.

Whether it is with soap and water or with hand sanitiser, keeping our hands sanitised is of the utmost importance. However, today’s focus is on hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser is the new normal – we take it everywhere we go to keep our hands clean and germ-free. To talk about hand sanitiser and how to choose the right one for you and your children, I’ve partnered up with Ocean Free, UK hand sanitiser manufacturer.

First, you might be questioning how safe hand sanitiser is for children. Hand sanitiser is as safe for children as it is for adults, however, children should be supervised when using hand sanitiser and should be taught how to properly use it. This means as Suburban Mum explains, letting hand sanitiser dry before touching anything else and storing it out of reach.

With so many hand sanitisers to choose from, picking the right one can be a difficult task. For this reason, I’ve put together the three main things to consider when buying hand sanitiser, including alcohol concentration, consistency and scent.


scented hand sanitiser


Alcohol concentration – According to this article on, for hand sanitiser to be effective at killing germs, bacteria and viruses, it should have at least 60% alcohol content. Hand sanitisers with less than 60% alcohol or no alcohol content might not be as effective.

Consistency – Liquid hand sanitiser or hand sanitising gel. Liquid sanitiser is better suited for spray bottles and dispensers while hand sanitising gel is ideal for any situation.

Scented or fragrance-free – Scent or no scent comes down to personal preference. As Lylia Rose explains in this article, “Fragrance-free hand sanitiser is ideal for sensitive skin while scented hand sanitiser can be used by non-sensitive skin. Both will leave hands refreshed and clean, however, scented hand sanitisers will also leave hands with a pleasing fragrance.”

If your children are not keen on using standard hand sanitiser, perhaps going for a scented option might do the trick. At Ocean Free, they manufacture lemon-zest hand sanitiser, sea breeze hand sanitiser, aloe vera hand sanitiser and even a kid-friendly scent, fantasy hand sanitiser gel, to encourage the little ones to keep their hands sanitised.


How to choose children’s hand sanitiser. Sanitising our hands is extremely important to reduce spreading bacteria, germs and viruses

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  1. As I don’t have children it isn’t something I have given thought too, but these sound like great offerings. I have used hand sanitizer for years but it does play havoc with the skin on my hands, so I go through tube after tube of hand cream and ive just started using hand masks for extra TLC – anything to get out of washing up!

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