In recent times and for obvious reasons, hygiene and cleanliness in both the home and personally have been under much greater scrutiny.

One of the main ways to avoid surface contaminants is to use anti-bacterial surface cleansing sprays, which most people will do as a matter of course. Most of these are also very effective against viral contaminants.

So what else can we do to protect our homes and families, what other options exist, bar those available in your average supermarket?

At Mobility Smart, hygiene promotion and infection control have always been areas that, as a business, they have given particular priority to, even long before Covid-19 was on the radar, they have been supplying the NHS, private hospitals, clinics, through to private individuals for many years.

It’s led them to research the professional-grade products that have exceptional efficacy and are applicable for use in both the professional or home environment.

Another aspect of hygiene and infection control comes for those remote applications, such as for professionals like community midwives, health visitors and district nurses, all of whom require the right level of personal protection for them to be prepared and effective in the field.

Below, I’ll take a look at some of their infection control products with a brief overview, it’s just a small sampling from their huge range and I’ll provide a link for the whole category for you below.

antibacterial hand gel

Firstly, hand gels are extremely versatile and allow for the quick sanitisation of the hands and come in a very compact size allowing for carrying in a pocket or handbag/ work bag ready for quick use as and when required.

Antibacterial Hand Gel dries very quickly upon contact, and cleans and sanitises in one easy step, with no need to rinse afterwards.

Antibacterial Hand Gel provides a cost-effective solution to hand hygiene without the need for soap, water or towels.

The product shown here is in a 60ml size and the product inside contains added Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. The Antibacterial Hand Gel is proven to be highly effective against 99.9% of common germs including, Coronaviruses, MRSA, E.Coli, Pseudomonas, Salmonella and Enterococcus hirae.

As well as this, the formulation is soft and gentle on the hands with the addition of vitamin e, so it does not dry or leach the skin of moisture even with prolonged use. It also comes in a handy gel bottle with clip, in a 50ml size, again very handy to simply clip on to clothing or a belt for easy and fast access when out and about.


Maintaining hygiene for home and health hand gel with clip


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  1. There is no doubt the sales of hand gel has gone completely through the rough in these last few months. I like how this gel when applied dries quickly and is soft on the hands, making it ideal to clean your hands quickly and effectively.

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