We are only a week away from your birthday baby boy, I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. This time last year, I was still wishing you out so I wouldn’t need to be induced x

Thank you for this year, I feel very lucky to have been able to have a full year with you before returning to work. We have started going to Leyland Leisure Centre for swimming instead of Puddle Ducks now which I really prefer, the lessons are a lot more relaxed and fun, there is also time to play at the end with the toys which is nice to be able to talk to other Mums. We are still going to Tots Praise twice a month but your other groups have either finished or they clash with your morning nap x

You still aren’t sleeping through, I did a sleep diary last month and you are waking for booby top ups a lot. Ooh, you have your first tooth coming through, we could feel it last week and it’s becoming visible now x

This past month, everything seems to be clicking with you. You have never rushed at reaching milestones and it hasn’t bothered me because I would rather you feel ready. In the past 3 weeks though you have started crawling properly (you did an army crawl before, dragging yourself along the floor with your hands), you have started standing up (on my birthday for the first time), you have started waving (the first wave was to a shop assistant in Manchester airport) and your attention span has increased x

In the night garden live Justin beiber

Your favourite programme is In The Night Garden. Your favourite song at the moment is Sorry, Justin Beiber, the video is a white background with lots of girls dancing in bright outfits which catches your attention every time. The Go Compare man singing also stops you in your tracks as does the bandaged dog from the Underdog adverts x

Go compareNational accident helpline

You have also started becoming upset at some things, you used to half pay attention to Abney and Teal before In the Night Garden came on but you can’t watch it anymore as the Poc Pocs upset you when they come on x

Abney and teal

We have a busy couple of days for your birthday. You are having a joint birthday/Christening celebration. Then you have your last Watch Me Grow photo session x



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  1. Lovely post, I hope he has an amazing first birthday!
    Aria is the same, no teeth crawling or walking, she is one on 26 Feb so maybe she will hit some of them before then like Lucas has!

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