Over Christmas a few people asked if Lucas slept through the night, my answer is usually that he wakes up a couple of times for a feed but goes straight back to sleep.

He does wake for feeds and he does go back to sleep straight away but because the feeds are only about 5 minutes a time and he hasn’t been unsettled, I have never bothered looking at the time or frequency.

This week I decided to note the time of the feeds to see how often our sleep is interrupted and it’s a lot more than I realised. From tonight I am going back to not checking, I think I settle back to sleep quicker not knowing the time and it isn’t doing either of us any harm waking so often.

It did irritate me the first night I noticed how often we wake but I would rather treasure these moments in the middle of the night, he isn’t going to be my baby for long so while he needs his Mummy, I am more than happy to oblige x

Sleep diary

26 December

Asleep 8.30
Feed 10
Feed 10.50
Feed 11.50
Feed 12.15
Awake 1-1.20
Feed 2.40
Feed 3.50
Feed 5.15
Feed 7.15
Awake 7.40

27 December

10.35-12.10 nap

Asleep 6.15
Feed 6.55
Feed 7.40
Feed 8
Feed 9.35
Feed 10.35
Feed 12.15
Feed 2.15
Feed 4.10
Feed 5
Awake 6.15

28 December

10.45-11.10 nap
2.40-3.10 nap

Asleep 7.30
Feed 9.15
Feed 10.25
Feed 1
Feed 3.30
Feed 4
Feed 5
Feed 6
Feed 6.45
Awake 8

29 December

11.30-1 nap

Asleep 7.05
Dummy 7.45
Feed 7.55
Feed 8.30
Feed 9.45
Feed 10
Feed 12.15
Feed 2
Feed 3
Feed 3.45
Awake 4.30-7
Asleep 7-7.45

30 December

11.40-12 nap
4-4.30 nap

Asleep 7.15
Feed 8.10
Feed 11.30
Feed 3.15
Feed 4
Feed 5.30
Awake 6.40

31 December

9.30-10 nap
2-2.30 nap

Asleep 7
Feed 8.20
Feed 9.15
Feed 9.45
Feed 10.50
Awake 11.15-12.45 (fireworks woke him)
Feed 3.45
Feed 5.15
Feed 6.15
Awake 6.30

1 January

9.30-10 nap
4.30-5 nap

Asleep 7.15
Feed 9.30
Feed 10.45
Feed 1
Feed 2.10
Feed 4.30
Comfort 5.15
Awake 6.30

2 January

9.30-10 nap
3-4 nap

Asleep 6.45
Feed 8.25
Dummy 8.35
Feed 9.30
Feed 10.35
Feed 12.25
Feed 12.50
Feed 3.40
Awake 5


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12 Comments on Does He Sleep Through The Night?..No, It Turns Out He Doesn’t

  1. That’s a comprehensive record. Are you breastfeeding? My mummy stopped BF with me at around 7mths when she went back to work and I went onto formula then started sleeping right through… Cherish the night time hours! My mummy misses BF so much x

    • Happy new year Isabella! Yes I am still breastfeeding Lucas until I go back to work in March. I know I will definitely miss it when I’m not anymore x

  2. I think I agree with you, it appears he wakes quite a lot but on the plus side enjoy these moments they don’t last forever and I would rather not know too Happy new year xx

  3. I’m totally with you on this, we co sleep so every time Freddie wakes I don’t notice. People don’t understand how normal it is for babies to wake up and actually it reduces SIDS! I love breastfeeding and sacrificing sleep for my baby is fine! BTW you don’t have to stop breastfeeding when you go back to work, if you don’t want to! I know lots of mommas who still breastfeed and work x

    • I think I’m going to try and continue with feeds when I’m working and see how it goes. Don’t want to pressurise myself and he will be 13 months then so I am really happy we have done his full first year x

  4. That is pretty normal for breastfeeding mamas I understand. People like to ask about babies sleeping, but the answer isn’t always a simple one. If you and little guy are happy and thriving then you are doing well x

  5. I do miss the breastfeeding, but am not complaining about the lack of sleepless nights 🙂 We still have trouble on occasion when J decides he wants to wander over in the middle of the night!

    • I think it is comfort most of the time. I already co-sleep so he just nestles in closer when he wants feeding then rolls over and goes back to sleep when he has finished x

  6. Oh bless you. My youngest was just the same until he was about one, it’s just so exhausting isn’t it but I really do remember loving our sleepy feeds. I hope you manage to get some rest during the day lovely xx

  7. I didn’t breast feed my babies – and they all used to wake just once at around 2.30-3am for a feed. It worked for us. I hope you get more sleep soon – cherish the night feeds though, they will soon end! Kaz x

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