Little tikes crabbie

Little Tikes have a fab range of Ocean Explorers toys to encourage babies and toddlers to crawl, sit, stand and walk. Lucas was sent a Catch Me Crabbie to see what he thought of it.

Lucas crawling after the Little tikes catch me crabbie

The crabbie is suitable from 9 months to 3 years and costs £14.99 so it is definitely value for money if it keeps him occupied and encourages his development.

Lucas grabbing the Little tikes catch me crabbie

Lucas has enjoyed playing with the crabbie, reaching for it when he sits up and crawling after it.

Lucas reaching for the Little tikes catch me crabbie

The crabbie has a motion sensor inside it, so when Lucas approaches it, the crabbie moves from side to side encouraging him to follow it. It also claps its claws and plays music. Lucas purposely puts his hands in them when it is clapping which he thinks is hilarious. The only down side to it, in my opinion is that the crab is too loud when moving and drowns out the music but as a toy to get Lucas moving, it has definitely worked well x


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