You are just over 8 months old now and I think some how, even before you were born you made me realise that as long as you, your daddy and I are ok, everything else can just be x

I didn’t nest whilst I was pregnant like I expected I would, I actually became more laid back about household chores. I loved being pregnant, I enjoyed going to aquanatal  and pre-natal yoga making the most of the precious time I had with you inside me. I must admit, I started becoming mad at you when you weren’t getting ready to make a move out of the womb but as Janet pointed out, I always said at yoga that I was happy with you where you were, warm and safe and I wasn’t in any rush for pregnancy to be over x

Even when we arrived at your due date, I wasn’t worried that you weren’t ready, I didn’t want any medical interventions to try and get you moving. I was convinced if I just gave you time, you would come. When I was 41 weeks, the realisation suddenly hit me that you weren’t coming and I would have to be induced. Selfishly, this is where I became a little mad because I had stupidly pictured for 9 months, the birth I wanted and being induced in another hospital threw me. Up to the day of being induced (Happy Valentines Day mummy) I rubbed my tummy and begged you to start so we could go to Chorley. Valentines Day arrived and I was induced. Your daddy did his best to keep me calm and the day after my contractions became stronger, I was constantly being sick and my waters broke at 3.30pm. We were moved upstairs with a midwife and a student midwife that offered us the birthing pool. They were amazing and put your daddy and I at ease. I felt much happier when I knew I could use the pool as that is what I had hoped for throughout pregnancy. At 5.40pm you were born. I remember the labour and I wish I had written it down sooner because I can’t do the overwhelming emotions justice now so I will tell you about that in person. It was and always will be the most amazing day of my life though baby boy x

Anyway, now you are here, you are no different. You still do things at your own pace. A couple of weeks ago, you showed no signs of sitting up on your own and now I am sat watching you sitting up on your own battering the balls in the ball pool. You have come into your own, your personality is beaming through now. You are a little bit grouchy, stubborn and know exactly what you want and like but the majority of the time you are a happy little fella that can’t stop smiling and wanting to play. You are napping a lot less now, yesterday you had one 15 minute nap throughout the whole day. However, when I want to do something you have a habit of falling to sleep, we have missed the last two of your yoga sessions with you sleeping x

I hope you never change this but evolve, evolve into the amazing boy I know you can be. Not one that is rushed or pushed but one that knows his mind and is not afraid to speak up. Trust your instincts sweetheart and surround yourself with people you love, trust and respect. Don’t get caught up in bitterness or worry over the people that you don’t get on with, don’t hold grudges because they can only hold you back, let it go and move forward. There is a lot of bad in the world my love but try not to focus on that but remember what a precious gift life is, grab every opportunity, be kind and make the world a better place x

I love you very much baby boy xx



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