When I was pregnant I was adamant that I didn’t want any pain relief during labour, including gas and air. I wanted to be at the birth fully without medications impairing my mind. To prepare myself I listened to hypnobirthing cds whilst I fell to sleep at night, joined an aquanatal class and prenatal yoga.

Prenatal yoga is thought to improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety. It can increase strength and stamina needed for carrying the extra weight. It also helps the flexibility of muscles that become weaker during pregnancy. The poses can release the tension that builds up due to the extra weight and hormonal changes. Deep breathing throughout the poses aids relaxation and encourages you to acknowledge tension before letting it go. The breathing exercises also transfer into helping throughout labour.

The class that I attended was prenatal DRU yoga, once a week for 75 minutes. DRU yoga is a style of yoga that works with posture, breath work, relaxation and meditation. The class works through sequences of energy block releases. The postures are done with soft joints and concentrated breathing. The class also involved sound work and massage which relieved tension and aches as well as preparing for labour. There was also a partners evening where we both did some yoga and Janet taught D how to do the massages to use in labour. At the end of the class we had relaxation where we lay tucked up in a blanket listening to soothing music and Janet talking us through a meditation.

I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and looked forward to the ‘me and bump time’ each week. As well as the relaxation and exercise I enjoyed meeting other mums to be in the same area to discuss any worries we had. As it was my first pregnancy, I was anxious about labour which intensified when I found out I was going to be induced and at a hospital I hadn’t planned on. However, I actually found I enjoyed the experience and laboured with no pain relief or gas and air which I can only thank Janets positive thinking and breathing techniques she taught me throughout yoga.

I highly recommend Janet at Energy For Life to anyone looking for prenatal yoga in Lancashire x


Prenatal Yoga in Lancashire



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  1. I brought some CDs to do it at home, as there wasn’t a class near me, and never got round to it with Monkey but I have heard some fabulous things maybe next time round if there is one! 🙂 #justanotherlinky

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