Bababoogie is a fab exercise routine that you can do at home and and more importantly, with your baby.

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There are two separate routines, one for when you have had your 6 week post natal check up with the doctor and one from around 4 months or whenever your baby has enough head control. The DVD has been endorsed by The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and has been put together to exercise whilst having your baby in their baby carrier.

Baba boogie ladies ready to exercise

The routines are lead by Sarah Jane Honeywell, best known for presenting on Cbeebies and the other ladies are real mums with their own babies. They are dressed in bright colours against a white background with black animations to keep the baby entertained.

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Lucas enjoyed being carried throughout, finding it very amusing. Since he has started crawling and enjoying spending more time playing with his toys, I also do the DVD without him and he happily plays, occasionally watching the DVD.

I would definitely recommend this and think it would make a great baby shower, new baby or Mothers Day present.

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  1. Great prize, good to have exercise appropriate to stage of postnal recovery, child development, whilst use of baby carrier innovative. I find baby carrier a wonderful asset for baby, mum etc as allows for getting out and about etc.

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