Baby bjorn carrier being worn by D carrying Lucas


The Baby Bjorn Miracle baby carrier is suitable for babies 8-26lb which means it will last longer than a lot of other carriers available. The carrier we have previously used was suitable up to 19lb but we struggled getting Lucas in and out of it before he reached 17lbs.

The carrier is fully adjustable with a waist belt, wide shoulder straps and back support. Unlike other carriers on the market, the miracle carrier is adjustable to the baby’s height, with a ruler on the inside of the carrier to adjust it to match the baby’s height so they are in the best position. New borns are carried higher up on your chest where as older babies are lower down which relieves some of the pressure from your shoulders. The back support also provides stability for your lumbar region. The back can be adjusted for the wearer to decide whether to have more weight against their shoulders or hips.

The carrier can be adjusted very easily for different people to use, D and I have both used the carrier and have found it quick and easy to adjust to fit to us and both found it comfortable to carry Lucas who is now 19lb 4oz.

It can be used for baby to be parent facing and outward facing so it is perfect for baby’s from birth to be parent facing and then changing to outward facing once they have more head control, usually around 5 months old.

What I have liked the most about this carrier is the ease of using it alone. With our old carrier, Lucas had to be guided in from the top which was difficult when on my own and wearing the carrier. We also struggled to pull him out of our old carrier. With the miracle carrier, the straps are fastened after I have positioned him, making it more comfortable for Lucas and easier for me. This is also great for when he has fallen to sleep in the carrier as I can unclip the strap and take him out of the carrier without disturbing him.

The materials used on the carrier are tested and guaranteed free from harmful substances and comply with the requirements of the Oeko-Tex standard 100 class 1 for babies, which is reassuring as Lucas immediately tries to put everything in his mouth. The carrier is also machine washable.

You can also buy a Baby Bjorn bib and cover for the carrier. I think I will be investing in the cover so I can continue using it throughout winter walks x

Baby bjorn carrier being worn by me carrying Lucas. You can see fields behind us


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