Very serious face from Lucas this week, don’t think he was in the mood for modelling.

Lilly and sid outfit

I was very excited when I found this three piece on the last Next sale! I bought it for £17 but it is currently available at Lilly and Sid for £32.
I got it in size 6-12 months but the top and joggers drowned Lucas so I put it away for a while. Lucas has had a cold this weekend so I got this out of the wardrobe thinking it would be perfect for layering and keeping him warm. The monkey top has long sleeves so if I needed to take the shirt off he would still be fully covered.


Lilly and sid

Unfortunately, when putting it on I was disappointed.
The monkey top gaped around the neck and the shirt was tight to put on. I would understand this if I had bought them separately as they could be sized differently but in a set I would expect them to both fit at the same time.
The drawstring in the joggers also disappeared inside so I took a while threading it back through to tie. There is only just enough to tie now so they definitely won’t tie in a months time, yet the actual fit of the joggers is big and would probably last him another three months. Lucas is currently wearing size 6-9 months so I know it isn’t because he is too big for the waist. I think the drawstring is meant to be a mock tie but when it disappears inside it looks cheap and would be better without having it so it doesn’t show the holes.
Luckily the monkey top will go well with other joggers and jeans so that should be used quite a lot when he fits into it properly.


Lilly and sid

The socks Lucas is wearing are from Tesco, as he keeps kicking his shoes off I wanted to get him some thick socks and these are perfect. I think they were £3 for two pairs but I can’t find them online and last time I was in Tesco they didn’t have any, hopefully they will restock them as I want to get him some more.



16 Comments on What Lucas Wore #13

  1. what a shame the outfit didn’t fit properly I hate that when buying outfits for both me and Olivia you would expect them all to fit the same for the same size really. #TT_Thursday

  2. That is such a gorgeous outfit but so sorry to hear it doesn’t fit properly and your disappointed. Hope Lucas is better soon. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  3. This is a lovely outfit and he looks lovely in it. Such a shame that it isn’t very well designed/fitting though.
    I hope Lucas is feeling better soon.

    Thanks for linking up with #WhatMyBabyWore

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