Toddlers are active creatures by nature. Although it has been an incredibly mild Winter so far where I am, in many places, winter time is filled with snow days. Why not enjoy these days by allowing your toddler to go outside and experience the snow. Some places will never see a single snowflake but that doesn’t mean the toddler still can’t experience some fun winter activities. There are several activities that your toddler will enjoy. Some are simple and some just take a little creativity.

Snow Angels

What toddler can resist rolling around in the snow? Why not show your child how to make little angels in the snow? Once your toddler sees the angel in the snow, he or she will want to do it again and again until there isn’t a patch of snow untouched.


Try building a snowman. This will help develop their motor skills and they will enjoy expressing their creativity in designing their one of a kind snow man. Maybe you don’t want your little one out in the cold for too long? You could always bring the snow to the child. Sit the little one at the table and bring in some snow for him or her to play with. Show him or her how to make a snow ball and stack them. Maybe even find materials to use to decorate the miniature snowman with. Toddlers always love edible designs. Use raisins and baby carrots to decorate the snow man.

Footprint Tag

This is great for toddlers with siblings or a play date. First, designate a home base. This could be a tree or stick with a flag stuck in the snow. Next decide who will go first. The toddler who goes first gets a few steps start and must make it to base before getting tagged. The second toddler must run or walk quickly after the first toddler but can only step in the first toddler’s footsteps.

Snow Ice Cream

Toddlers are always wanting to taste things. Well why not let them have a taste of winter? You are going to need about 4 to 5 cups of clean snow. Store the snow in the freezer until after you have mixed the other ingredients.  In a large bowl, mix 1 cup milk, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, and 1/2 cup sugar. Gradually add the snow until you have the consistency you desire and enjoy. If you try this, let me know as it isn’t something we have tried yet.


This can be a fun experience for toddlers. If you are afraid your toddler will get hurt, consider pulling the sled, with your toddler on it, around the yard. This is one way to better control safety but still allow the toddler to enjoy him or herself.

Snow Painting

The world is but a toddler’s canvas. Why not let the little one show his or her creative side outside in the snow. All you need is to prepare some snow paint. Using clear spray bottles fill with water and add a few drops of food colouring. Remember you don’t need too much food colouring otherwise you can stain skin and clothing. Once the snow paint is ready, allow the toddler to create a colourful snow masterpiece.

There are some great indoor activities for your toddler to enjoy when it is too cold for them to go outside. There are craft projects and learning activities that will keep your toddler busy on those cold, blistery days.

Snowman Stick Puppets

You will need large craft popsicle sticks. Next, help your toddler cut out the pieces to make a paper snowman. Allow your toddler to glue the pieces together and attach to the stick. Encourage your child’s imagination by having them put on a puppet show.

Paper Plate Snowman

Using one large white paper plate and two smaller white paper plates, have your toddler glue them together. Next help your toddler cut out eyes, nose, mouth pieces, buttons, scarf, and so on out of colored construction paper. Have your toddler glue the pieces to the snowman plates.

Winter Colouring Pages

Buy a winter colouring book or print off winter related colouring pages for your toddler to colour. Even print off a few for yourself. Sit down and as the two of you colour, discuss common occurrences that come with winter. Compare them to other seasons. This will help teach the toddler to recognise seasons while having some colouring time with you.

Winter collage

Take some old magazines and help your toddler cut out pictures that relate to winter. Next, have your toddler glue them to a piece of paper or cardboard. This activity also helps the toddler recognise the signs of winter. After the collage is completed, allow to dry.

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As you can see there are many activities your toddler can enjoy during the winter months. Whether they are outside or inside, winter is sure to be a fun learning experience and will provide fun memories that will last a lifetime.


Toddler winter activities


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