Oh my goodness, please take a moment to admire my new necklace…isn’t it beautiful?!

Bella and bow review

This little beauty is my 30th birthday present from my parents. Yes, I am turning 3-0, I actually remember when I was younger that I thought 14 was old, that then progressed to 25 and now I have only 2 months left in my 20s. I must admit, the fact I am turning 30 whilst sunning 🌞 myself with my 2 boys does make it that little bit easier 😍.

Anyway, back to the necklace…when my mum asked what I wanted for my birthday, I knew I wanted something that I could keep and something that involved Lucas. I considered casts of Lucas’ hands but after some thought, I decided that I would probably love them for a couple of months then not be too sure of where to place them in the house. I thought about a professional family photo but didn’t really want a staged photo and I also have an awesome cousin with a photography degree. Through entering competitions on facebook, I found some personalised jewellery and started investigating the various pages and shops that sell them.

When I stumbled upon Bella and Bow, I knew that a necklace with Lucas’ prints on was exactly what I wanted. It would be something special for me to treasure and something I would use. There are many places selling these types of items but I chose Bella and Bow as I could see the quality of the detail on the prints and I have not been disappointed. I also like to support local independent businesses rather than a bigger chain of shops.

I chose a handmade duo of heart charms necklace, I have Lucas’ hand and footprints on the larger heart and his fingerprint on the smaller heart. I had his birthdate, time and weight engraved on the back of them.

Bella and bow review

Once I placed the order online, Bella and Bow sent me a no mess print taking kit. This would usually be for the customer to take the prints at home and then send back to the studio. As I live near to the studio, I emailed to see if it was possible for me to go down for them to take the prints. They were very accommodating and allowed us to do this, I even had a slice of cake whilst there. I needn’t have worried about the print taking though, I would have easily managed it at home and it really does make no mess.

Bella & bow review

Bella and bow review

The handmade collection is created entirely by hand. ‘Each piece has to go through several processes to be made. Every part of the process has to be undertaken meticulously and carefully in order to ensure that the final product is perfect. After being fired in a kiln each individual charm is polished by hand until we achieve a mirror like shine – it’s a little wearing on the fingers – but very satisfying once done!’ – Bella and Bow

This commitment truly shows in the quality of the finished product, the intrinsic details of every line and crease in Lucas’ prints are amazing.


Sadly, I have to now attempt to tie the bow around the box and hand it over to my parents until January.

I can not recommend Bella and Bow enough, pop over and take a look. They make perfect Christmas presents for any member of the family with various charms, bracelets, cufflinks, keyrings and necklaces including the mini message trio charm necklace which is next on my wishlist x

Bella and bow handprint and fingerprint jewellery



9 Comments on My Forever Necklace – Bella and Bow Review

  1. Wow the necklace is beautiful!!! The attention to detail and skill is amazing!

    Enjoy your last few months of being in your 20’s, nothing will change once you reach 30. I’m 26 and at times I feel incredibly old but then there is other times I still feel 16 years old, except that I have a toddler hanging off my arm constantly! Haha!
    Have a great birthday!

    Georgia x

  2. This is a lovely necklace! I love it!! The personalised part is the best!!! You will have this to remember for ever!! I would love to have something like that! I will have a look at their website!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 xx

  3. What a clever idea to press the prints onto a necklace. The baby footprint casts are a bit predictable and like you say, where do you put them? This is so much more novel. Tx

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