Hi baby boy x

You were meant to be seeing the health visitor yesterday morning for your 8-12 month check but she cancelled just before she was meant to arrive, it did mean I didn’t have to interrupt your nap though so not all bad x

You have really got into a routine with your morning naps this week but the rest of your sleeping has gone all over the place. You have never slept through the night yet but when you did wake, you would feed and literally fall off my boob back to sleep but this week you have been waking differently. You don’t always want a feed, you have been wide awake between 2-4am a couple of times but quite content as if it’s time to get up but other times you have woken crying and difficult to settle again. You have also been whimpering in your sleep at times. I read that between 8-10 months it is normal for you to have sleep regression as you are learning and processing so many new things. I hope that is what this is and it won’t go on too long. I feel so helpless when you are sobbing in the middle of the night and nothing seems to pacify you x

When you have been awake though, you have been a lot more cuddlier this week. You initiate hugs and attempt to pucker up when we go to kiss you. This has definitely made your daddy’s week, you are his number one fan at the moment. We have started face-timing when your daddy is at work and you go to grab him and your face lights up when you see him x

Last week and the week before you definitely had a bit of separation anxiety, you would cry every time I left and didn’t want to be held by anyone else but fingers crossed, that phase has passed x

It was your first halloween last weekend, you made an adorable little skeleton and had your first chocolate button as your treat. You also went swimming and had your photo taken under water, you are a proper water baby, it didn’t phase you at all x

That’s all for now little fella, I’m shattered, hoping to nap when you next do x

Love you xx

Sleep regression


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