Way back in September I decided to take part in a link up called Happy Days. I fully intended to make a note every night of one thing that made me happy during that day, whether it be I got to drink a cup of coffee that was actually hot or a bigger reason. Anyway, I have been absolutely rubbish at doing this so off the top of my head these are what have made me happy since my last Happy Days post and starting this week, I am determined to be more mindful and continue Happy Days on a weekly basis x

    • I went to BlogOn, my first blogging conference in Manchester. It was lovely to meet lots of people in real life that I talk to in Facebook groups and get to meet new brands as well as put faces to people I already email.
    • My friend and I went to The Lowry to watch Be My Baby. It was lovely to go out for a few hours without the little fella, catch up and relax. The play starred Brooke Vincent and Ruth Madoc. Starring alongside them was an old school friend of mine, Josie Cerise. The play was set in the 1960s following a group of girls that had been sent to a mother and baby convent for getting pregnant out of wedlock.
    • Lucas and I went to Z-arts in Manchester to watch an interactive children’s show called Sponge. Set against 1970s music, the performers danced and played with various spongy objects. The atmosphere was very relaxed and joyful. The children and parents sat on the floor at the side watching and interacting with the performers.
    • My Grandad turned 80, we all went round to his for a get together and buffet. Lucas loved being around all his family and played dogs with my cousin.
    • Lucas has really gotten into playing with his blocks this past couple of weeks, building every day. He has some Fisherprice peek a boo blocks at my Grandmas, megablocks at home and duplo at my Mums. He loves them all.
    • Lucas has settled in to a new nursery really well, rather than crying when I leave him, he says bye and blows me kisses.


Happy days grandad with his birthday cake


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