Happy Days, where I focus on the good things that have happened throughout the week instead of getting bogged down by negativity.


Saturday We went to my friends house and she put on afternoon tea for us and gave us facials, it was lovely to see both friends I hadn’t seen for a while

Sunday I was working, it was nice to have a bit of time without Lucas as he has been pretty challenging lately work

Monday I went to visit Grandma in hospital, 2 of her friends were there at the same time. It was nice seeing her talk to them

Tuesday I treated us to the pizzas that Asda make in store, I love them

Wednesday Dan finished work early so we got to spend the afternoon together and he got to see Lucas before he was tired

Thursday We played in the garden as we had some sunshine

Friday We made some Mickey Mouse fairy cakes, I got a packet mix for a £1 from Asda a couple of weeks ago. Lucas really enjoyed stirring the mixture but didn’t seemtoo keen on eating them. D likes them and I haven’t tried yet


Happy days Lucas in a blue and white striped hooded top, looking down with a slight smile and big blonde curly hair. Megablocks are scattered on the carpet behind him


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