If you haven’t seen a happy days post before, it is where I focus on the good things that have happened throughout the week instead of getting bogged down by negativity.

I missed last week so this is what has made me happy the last couple of weeks…x

  • My Grandma has recovered really well from her stroke, I took her out of the rehab home for lunch the other day, we had a lovely Papa Luigis and then I took her to have her nails done. It was so nice to see her out and about. Then yesterday, she came home 🙂 back to where she belongs, we went round this morning and Lucas absolutely loved everything back to normal. He got his duplo out and sat in the living room, every now and then he would go up to her and ask for a cuddle. He doesn’t do that for anyone so it was nice to see.
  • Dancing and singing – Lucas has really got into singing and dancing to everything. The other night he stood on the bed, standing over me and D who were lying down and he belted out ‘twinkle, twinkle, little star’ at the top of his voice. He looked so happy with himself and cheered at the end every time.
  • Bloggers get together – last Saturday I went to Liverpool with Readaraptor Hatchling for a bloggers get together organised by Ruth Writes. There were various talks on wordpress, networking, working with brands etc. It was held at Roja Pinchos which is a Spanish restaurant serving tapas. The food was incredible!
  • Having got a bit of motivation from the bloggers day, I have booked onto my first business networking event! I have chosen one about 30 minutes from where I live and it is in a child friendly place where you can take your child so I thought this would be my perfect first one for networking as a virtual assistant.
  • Bedtime routine – Due to breastfeeding I have always been the one to put Lucas to bed. He wouldn’t settle for D and didn’t want him coming up with us either. This pass week he has asked us both to go up to bed with him. He has a play and chat to us both for a while before giving D the hint to leave and settling down with me. It is really nice not doing it on my own and will hopefully make it much easier when I stop giving him night feeds or if I’m out in an evening.
  • Giveaways – I have lots of giveaways going at the moment including a Fireman Sam DVD, Geronimo festival ticket, Snowflakes and Sunflowers socks and £75 to spend at Inspired Wallpaper 
  • Finishing touches – I have been looking at door handles and light switches to complete my bedroom makeover and found some fab ones online. 
  • Tea out – D suggested we go out for tea with Lucas’ Godfather. We went to a Verdes and Lucas was made up with having tea with Doe Doe Doe (we have no idea how Lucas has interpreted his name but that’s what he calls him!) You should have seen his face when he saw the garlic bread come out and he ate his pizza like we never feed him followed by drinking chocolate ice cream. Probably not the best table manners that night but we had a full meal with no tantrums so I’m really not bothered.
Bouquet of red roses wrapped in purple sellophane
D bought me some roses 😍
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3 Comments on Happy Days #13

  1. So glad your Grandma is recovering well after her stroke – my best friend’s FIL recently had one but is not doing so great, it’s so sad as he’s still so young 🙁
    Sounds like you had a great time at the bloggers event – I really need to sign up to a few this year. xx #HappyDaysLinky

  2. Oh that is great news about your Grandma and so lovely that you took her out for a bit while she was still in rehab. Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

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