Last year we went to Geronimo Festival and although we had a good day, Lucas was that bit too young for the children’s activities and too old for the baby activities. This year I couldn’t wait for it, especially as it had a new venue at Arley Hall and as well of being separate days, you could camp for 3 days. We were invited to go as ambassadors and went Friday to Monday.


Geronimo festival blue 3 man tent from tangerine fields


As we haven’t camped together before, we decided to take some pressure off ourselves and booked Tangerine Fields. Tangerine Fields have a variety of pre-pitched tents for different sized parties, different tastes (you can book boutique tents such as cubed dice ones) and packages. I booked a 3 man tent with a blow up bed and sleeping bags. Everything was set up when we arrived and once we were ready to go home, we kept the sleeping bags and left the bed and tent there.


Geronimo festival varta battery powerpack


I met the lovely people from Varta at BlogOn who offered to send me a powerpack to keep my phone charged over the weekend. I ended up receiving powerpacks, a lantern and head torches from them. Due to us going to bed and getting up while it was light (First festival that has happened, we are officially old!) we didn’t use the torches but the powerpack was great. The slim power bank 12000 can charge a phone up to 5 times and it lasted us all weekend. Weighing only 390g, it was light enough to carry with me all day.

Geronimo had a zillion and one things to do, we were there all 3 days and didn’t do or see everything. It was such a good weekend. Lucas couldn’t wait to get going in the morning and slept surprisingly well in a tent, even when it was windy and I felt like we were going to take off!

Lucas’ favourite things of the weekend was the Play Doh tent, Manchester City football, Swashbuckle and the fun fair.


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Play Doh! #geronimo2017 #PlayDohTour

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In the Play Doh tent there were perfectly sized tables and chairs for the children to use and lots of Play Doh for them to play to their hearts content, there were different cutters and tablets were they could create a creature in Play Doh and then take a photo with the tablet and it brought it to life to play a game with. They also gave you a free tub of Play Doh when you left.

Manchester City had a family fun zone with loads going on including face painting, inflatable velcro darts, a speed shot challenge and footpool. D loved the velcro darts and speed shot challenge. Lucas adored the footpool, he hasn’t been bothered about football before but when he saw the footpool, he fell in love with it. The Man City staff were really friendly and encouraging. The baby that last year wore a Manchester United kit, left Geronimo loving football, complete with a Man City football and flag, regularly shouting City!


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Swashbuckle cheer, ahh haaa #geronimo2017

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We were very lucky to be invited to meet Cook and Line from Swashbuckle. Lucas’ face was an absolute picture when they walked into the tent. We had watched them on stage which he loved so meeting them was the perfect finish to it, as you can see in the background, D is just as happy haha.

Lucas also loved the fair. You have to buy tokens for the fair and the majority of rides were £1 each which I thought was reasonable as it wasn’t as if we wanted him on rides all day when there was so much else there.

We also enjoyed Tumble Tots, watching Andy Day, Pip Ahoy’s beach, the bubble shop, the circus and stunt show. You can see more of what was there here. We had such a good weekend and can’t wait for next year!





21 Comments on A weekend of fun with Geronimo festival & Tangerine Fields

  1. This sounds amazing! How cool is it that you can arrive to a ready made tent!? Love the sound of the Play Doh tent! My lttle ones would love that!

  2. That looks amazing!!! I love that there was a play doh tent and how amazing to meet the swashbuckle guys!!

  3. We have wanted to attend this festival for a few years now, but i just can’t bring myself to camp ha ha. Ive done festivals but not with the kids. This one does look fab though.

  4. Looks like lots of fun. We’re still waiting to go to a festival although I feel my three are getting a bit too old for them now

  5. I think I need that Varta charger in my life!

    A ready made tent is a fabulous idea, too, and the Play Doh tent as well – I’m not sure my boys would’ve been moved from that one very easily. How cool that you got to meet Cook and Line as well!

    Thanks for joining #daysoutwithatoddler see you again soon! 🙂

  6. That event sounds absolutely amazing! Would love to go one day 🙂 also, it sounds like you had a pretty great time out there 🙂

  7. We went last year for a day and had a great time, but it sounds like it was even better this year. (not just because Manchester City were there!). I am not sure how well our family would do in a tent, but encouraging that it all seemed to go so well. What a fab weekend.

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