A couple of weeks ago we were invited to review* Drayton Manor. Anyone with a child that loves Thomas and Friends, will know there really is no better place to take them so we were really excited to see Lucas’ reaction.



Drayton Manor is in Tamworth, Staffordshire which is about 2 hours from us so we decided to make the most of the day, we would book a hotel room the night before.


Drayton Manor theme park review Captain boat ride


We booked a room in the Drayton Manor Hotel which has an obvious Thomas and Friends theme from walking in, including a gift shop to which Lucas’ eyes lit up. You could see him thinking in his mind of what he should ask for first! The hotel has a small play area outside where we played for a bit before going out for tea then back to the room to relax and go to bed. In the morning, we went to the character breakfast where Sir Topham Hat greeted everybody and after breakfast there was singing and dancing. The children could go for a photo with him and got a certificate and pack to take away with them.


Drayton Manor theme park review Orange Terence tractor


Drayton Manor theme park is huge and if you want to do it all, I would suggest going for a couple of days. There is the main theme park with a 4D cinema, an abundance of rides and attractions. There is a zoo set over 15 acres of land featuring over 100 animals from all around the world including endangered species. Then there is the reason we went, Thomas Land!


Drayton Manor theme park review Lucas sat in winston car, you can see we are high up from the view of the park behind him


Thomas Land is set on the Island of Sodor and has over 25 rides and attractions. Lucas didn’t know where to go first! We went on the Saturday of bank holiday weekend and I thought it would be heaving but it was surprisingly quiet. In the morning it took longer to get on rides as it was busier but after lunch time it was quiet and didn’t take long to get on the rides at all.

We went on Bertie the Bus, which lifted us up to the sky and gave us a view over Thomas Land. Winstons whistlestop tour gave us a view of all over Drayton Manor theme park.


Drayton Manor theme park review The fat controller and 2 ladies singing on a balcony


Jeremy’s jets was hilarious as the person in the front seat controls whether Jeremy flies, there is a button to go up and down. Lucas insisted on being in the front and me in the back so we had a bumpy ride on the ground as he wasn’t strong enough to press the button.

Lucas and D enjoyed a ride in James’ red balloon and we all enjoyed a ride on Thomas and Rosie from Thomas Land to the Thomas exhibition where we could see miniature trains go round.


Drayton Manor theme park review Lucas sat on the front of James train looking at camera


We didn’t go in but if the weather isn’t so great when you go, there is a huge soft play with all their favourite Thomas characters around too.

We also had a ride on Flynn and used water hoses to put out fires, we rode the sea with Captain and drove on Lady’s carousel.



Lucas is 0.9m and could go on the majority of rides with one of us with him. We only noticed a couple of rides such as Cranky and the Troublesome Trucks that he was too small to go on. It is a great day out to take any little train fan and we will definitely be returning when he is a little taller as he is still reminding us that he is going on Cranky when he’s big enough!x


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  1. Oh my goodness, my son would love it here just for Thomas Land, never mind everything else they have to offer! I didn’t know there was a zoo there too!

  2. We are wanting to visit Drayton manor. I last went when I was 12 so a long time ago but I remember it being a lot of fun x

  3. We love Drayton Manor especially my son who loves everything Thomas related. Been there once buts its been a while, feel like heading there now after reading your post.

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