I am loving the sunshine now it has fully arrived and hopefully it is here to stay. We have booked a holiday to France next month and it will be the first time we have been abroad with Lucas since we went to Fuerteventura which was before he turned one! D and I did have a city break last year to Hamburg but I’m really looking forward to a relaxing break all three of us, we have hired a gite with a private pool surrounded by the beautiful Dordogne countryside.

I have been having a sneaky peek at whether we could manage a bit of winter sun too and that always leaves me searching the Canary Islands. I have managed to find some fab cheap holidays to Gran Canaria so I have been researching what there is to keep us occupied once there, other than being complete beach bums for a week, although that doesn’t sound bad haha.


Helena – Babyfoote


Amy suggested visiting the natural salt waterfall. It sounds like a beautiful hike that takes you through villages of white houses and fruit trees including mango, papaya, banana and orange. Charco Azul is at least 5m deep in the middle. You can dive and swim or climb around the back and sit on the shelf of the pool. If you visit after rain, you will be surrounded by waterfalls.

Helena suggested a trip to the Wild West! Sioux City will show you cowboys driving cattle through the streets, bandits robbing a bank with dynamite and you can share a saloon table with the sheriff. A place designed to ignite the whole families imagination.

Tejeda looks like a stunning place to visit. It is famous for its traditional deserts with almonds. The town is surrounded by valleys and is a tranquil rural retreat where you can rid your body of stress amongst the natural beauty of the mountains, traditional white houses and plants.

I love walking around gardens and would really like to explore Huerto de las Flores which is a tropical Botanic garden home to over 100 species of exotic plants

Hidden gems of Gran Canaria #CanaryIslands #Spain

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  1. Aww!! That looks like a geat place to visit. It sounds that you reall enjoy your time there in Gran Canaria.

  2. I’ve never been to any of these places and it’s definitely nice to be able to go to Gran Canaria and explore all these hidden gems. What a lovely place to visit during the summer!

  3. Have a wonderful and relaxing holiday in the Dordogne! I’ve never been to Gran Canaria and Charco Azul sounds amazing! You’ve got me thinking about our next holiday destination 🙂

  4. We went to Gran Canaria last year and had a lovely time. The pool sounds great, I’d love to see it after i’ts rained. The botanic garden must be beautiful I’d love to see that.

  5. hubby has been to gran canaria a few times but I have yet to vsiit. Sounds like a stunning island

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