Only 2-3 weeks left of the Summer holidays, how have you found them? Germolene have been doing some research and found that 47% of parents claim their biggest concern of the holidays is the cost of family days out and that the average parent spends £650 on family trips during the 6 weeks off! 39% of families struggle to keep their children occupied and 1 in 5 parents feel there are a lack of free events in their local area.


Celebrating outdoor play, every day Lucas crouching down playing Bowles


Germolene have put together a free guide ‘90 Days of Summer’  (click on the link to download and have a chance to win a £250 John Lewis gift card)  as part of celebrating outdoor play and giving parents 90 creative ideas to help families get outside without spending a fortune.

    Some ideas include;

  • Secret dens – peg an old sheet over the washing line or set up a sun tent and use it as your base for an imaginary expedition
  • Go on a scavenger hunt – Come up with a list of items that could be found in the park and let them go hunting. It could be a feather, pine cone, a smooth stone etc
  • Pebble art – Find a pebble and use chalk or paint to draw some patterns. There are lots of groups now where you can leave them for other people to find and you look for others too
  • X marks the spot – Use GPS enabled devices to find hidden geocaches that send you on a trail. Children will love the thrill of the hunt and the combination of technology and treasure hunting. Go to Geocaching for more info
  • Holiday Vlog – let your children play director, actor and cameraman using your phone or a camera to make a video of their Summer holiday
  • Pick some fruit – it’s a great day outdoors, going to local public fields or pick your own orchards. Collect some fruit and take it home to create crumble, juice or jam
  • Recycled robot – Raid your recycling box for toilet rolls, bottles and cereal boxes. Set your children the challenge of making a robot or animal
  • Host your own mini olympics – Get the whole family together and find out who can run the fastest, jump the highest or throw the furthest


Celebrating outdoor play, every day Lucas watering plants with a small watering can


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Celebrating outdoor play, every day Lucas is knelt down with his hands in a bucket of water playing with plastic toys


If you fancy winning a summer cool bag with a number of items to get you started when it comes to making the most of the outdoors including a skittle set, bucket and spade, chalk, paints, coloured paper, frisbee, adventure notebook and bubbles, enter below x


Summer toy bundle


Celebrating outdoor play every day with Germolene‘s 90 days of Summer free guide of creative activities for families on a budget



130 Comments on Celebrating outdoor play, every day

  1. What a lovely little bundle – my little boy is happiest when he’s outside and I know he’d LOVE this!

  2. Sadly I think we have reached the end of Summer but would be a fab prize to put up for holidays or next year, fingers crossed

  3. Some really good ideas can’t wait to try some out with my daughter especially want to do the mini Olympics sounds fun

  4. Great bundle, but I would probably have ended a Summer competition a little earlier and not in late September 🙂

  5. I love playing outdoors with my granddaughter. hopefully we have some nice fine days over autumn when we can do things outside.

  6. What a fab bundle of goodies! We have a caravan on the coast, a short walk from the beach, and our girls love spending time there. These could be used all year round.

  7. Lovely prize! Would love to donate to my God Daughter’s nursery as they only get toys from donations, there is no funding for them 🙁

  8. some fab goodies here – im all for outdoor play H and D would happily just sit on their tablets/playstation all day if i let them

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